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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Hetian Tours :Is Hetian the best place to learn the Uygur nationality culture? Please give me suggestions.
Answer: Hetian is one of the cities centralizing the Uygur nationality. There is no direct transportation to Hetian, so I recommend you to fly from Urumqi.
Question Source>Jilin Tours :Is there anything interesting in Jilin? How long will it take from Harbin to Jilin?
Answer: Jilin is near from Harbin. It only takes 2 hours by train. Jilin is a famous city in northeast china. You can see the well-known rime scenery as well as Songhuajiang River and Taibai Mountain which nearby Jilin. And you can go skiing in winter If time permit, it's better to have a tour in Jilin. Besides, we could provide you a customized itinerary.
Question Source>Jinan Tours :I am planning to visit Taishan Mountain. What is the tour route if I start from Beijing,and how long it will take?What'more, can I go to Jinan first then to Taishan Mountain,for I know that Jinan is the capital of Shandong province.
Answer: It is glad to hear from you .You are right, Jinan is the capital of Shandong province. If you want to visitTaishan Mountain from Beijing, the best route is to get to Jinan first .For Jinan is a city worthwhile to visit, there are many famous attractions in Jinan such as Daming Lake and Qianfo Mountain. You can take express train from Beijing to Jinan, then go straight to Taishan Mountain, and finally, go back to Beijing by train. I have made an itinerary of 3 days Taishan Mountain tour for you including the quotation, please check!
Question Source>Jiuquan Tours :Your website says that the most west of the Great Wall is in Jiuquan,can I visit there? what's more,are there any other tour attractions surrounding Jiuquan?
Answer: Exactly speaking, Jiuquan is about 20 km away from Jiayuguan Pass, the west most part of the Great Wall. Transportation to Jiuquan is not convenient, so I suggest that you could go to Xian or Lanzhou first, for there are trains directly to Jiuquan. I advise you to choose the Silk Road tour which includes Jiuquan and other main attractions in the Silk Road. It is better not visit Jiuquan by yourself.
Question Source>Kashgar Tours :I've viewed many beautiful pictures on your website about Xinjiang.Where is the best place to learn the authentic Uygur culture?
Answer: Uygur nationality is one of the minorities of China featuring its unique culture. I recommend you to take a tour to Kashgar because more than 50 percent of the inhabitants in Kashgar are Uygur nationality. The transportation to Kashgar is not so convenient; you have to transfer by train or flight to Kashgar from Urumqi. Welcome to check the information about our Kashgar tour pakage on our website.
Question Source>Kunming Tours :Hello, I'm from an Indonisian travel agency. I will attend Kunming Tourism Trade Fair on Nov. Can we meet there? In addition, I have heard that Kunming is very beautiful. I want to tour Kunming for 2 days after the Fair. Any suggestions? Can you help me arrange a Kunming tour?
Answer: It is a great pleasure to make acquaintance of you. Our tour company will have booth at Kunming Tourism Trade Fair, so we can meet there. In addition, for the Kunming tour you want to have, I have inquired the committee. There are special tour services for the agency who attend the Fair. The expense is very cheap. I can help you book the Kunming tour. If you have any question about tours in China, welcome to contact me. Best Regards, Linda
Question Source>Lanzhou Tours :Is Lanzhou near Dunhuang?I'm going to Lanzhou on business next week. Are there some interesting attractions in Lanzhou? I have 2 days free. Is it available to visit Mogao Grottoes?
Answer: Lanzhou is a very important city along the Silk Road. There famous tour attractions in Lanzhou are Five Fountain Hill, White Pagoda Park, etc. Although Lanzhou and Dunhuang belong to one same province, they are far from each other. We suggest you to take flight to Dunhuang. Time is enough to tour Mogao Grottoes.
Question Source>Luoyang Tours :I've heard that Luoyang Peony Festival is very famous. When is this festival? Besides, I'll go to Luoyang next week from Shanghai. I want to visit Shaolin Temple by the way. Please make me a customized Luoyang tour. Thanks
Answer: Peonies in Luoyang are the national flower of China. The peony festival is held in every April. If you only have time on weekends, we recommend that you go Zhengzhou by the high speed train from Shanghai. You can visit to Shaolin Temple first, and then head for Luoyang. Finally, go back to Beijing by the overnight train after finishing visiting Luoyang. The detail itinerary and the quotation have been attached in your E-mail. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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