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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Temple of Heaven Pictures :I went to the Temple of Heaven at dusk last June and got some amazing photos of the Temple of Heaven. It looks really different from the pictures taken in day time.
Answer: I'm planning to make a photo album of Beijing and was told the Temple of Heaven has some great spots which i can take some shots for my Temple of Heaven picture collections.
Question Source>White Horse Temple Pictures :Hi,there. Those pictures of White House Temple looks good! I like horses very much, especially the white one. Sometimes I would like to watch the horse race on TV and I always bet the white one will be the winner! However, this place looks interesting. I've never been there. Would you please what kind of temple it belongs to? Thank you!!!
Answer: It is a Buddism temple, and also the first one when Buddhism came to China.
Question Source>Shaolin Temple Pictures :Chinese kung-fu is terrific and fantastic! I know there are some famous kung-fu stars in China. Are they learning at Shaolin temple as the pictures showing here???
Answer: Hello, Kidd. Acctually these kung-fu stars in China are not really learning at the temple. Some of them is the disciple of Shaolin, like the most famous one, Bruce Lee. But most of others are not.
Question Source>The Great Wall Pictures :Does Jiayuguan Pass near Badaling Great Wall?
Answer: No, Jiayuguan Pass is located in Gansu Province while Badaling is in the northern part of Beijing.
Question Source>Maijishan Grottoes Pictures :These pictures show the mysterious and attractive grottoes. I have been to some grottoes both in China and my motherland (India). This place looks terrific. I hope someday I could be there!
Answer: Ha-ha, that’s right! See you in the near future.
Question Source>Fenghuang Ancient Town Pictures :Fenghuang Ancient town looks familiar. Would you please send more pictures here?!
Answer: I guess you must have been to many ancient towns of China. We will update pictures regularly. Thank you for your attention!
Question Source>Cangyan Ancient Town Pictures :Look at the first picture about the building on the bridge! How did ancient Cangyan people build it?!
Answer: Yeah, it perfectly showed the great talent of ancient Chinese people. Welcome to visit and experience the fantastic buildings with your own eyes.
Question Source>Sanhe Ancient Town Pictures :These pictures are so beautiful. I wanna buy a house in Sanhe town!!
Answer: Not only you, have we all expected to live there.
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