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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>China Golf Tours :Can you arrange a 4-day tour from Shanghai to Hangzhou and Qiandaohu and play 3 rounds of golf? Please also advice good golf courses in those places and the quotation should include hotel, transfer, golf fees as well as tour cost.
Answer: Thank your for enquiring golf tour from us. We've sent the golf tour package in your email, please check. If there's any problem about this golf tour, please feel free to write to us.
Question Source>China Travel Tips :Hi Monica, thanks for planing our China tour. We will be starting our China travel in two days and we will travel by air three times in China. Could you give us some advice of tips for air travel in China?
Answer: Since Beijing Olympic, the security check of air travel has been very strict. Basically, liquids, cosmatics, knives, lighters, or any other similar articles are prohibited from carry-on baggage. Kindly suggest you shipping them with checked baggage. Laptops, cigarrates, keys and others have to be taken out to go through the security check. Our local guide will remind you of the local tips of air travel. Please don’t worry.
Question Source>China Travel Customs Declaration :My flight arrives in Beijing at 3 am. Is the China Customs open then?
Answer: The China Customs in Beijing airport is open 24 hours, please take it easy. We receive tourists with early flights often. There’s much less people going through China Customs, so it will be fast.
Question Source>Tibet Travel guide :My wife and I plan to travel to Tibet in Mar. But it is said that Tibet may be closed to foreigners till April. Is that true? And do foreigners have to get a permit to Tibet through a travel angency or deal with it ourselves? Thanks very much for your kind help!
Answer: No official news is issued and everthing is unsure. It is better to get the Tibet travel permit through Travel Agency or you can join in a group in which the service is included.
Question Source>Shanghai Travel Guide :Hi, I have a friend who will travel with me to Shanghai for a meeting, but he like to extend his travel with his wife for sightseeing in Shanghai. Please advise where to go and the interest places in Shanghai. As this is a private travel for 2 persons only, please also consider when they cancel the sightseeing and request to go to other interesting place as they like. Your best offer will be much appreciated. Henry
Answer: Dear Henry, The guests can cancel the sightseeing and go to other places they want to travel. But the places must be in Shanghai urban area and don’t need to drive a long distance. Otherwise, they will pay the extra vehicle fare by themselves on that day. And I have made an itinerary for you, please check:
Question Source>Tibet Travel Permit :Hi, I would like to enquire about entry into Tibet from China. Do I have to apply for the TTB via any specific tour agent company in Beijing? I read that I should purchase the train tickets into Tibet from Beijing together with the Tibet Visa to avoid any inconveniences upon arrival. Please advice! Looking forward to your reply. Regards Yin Ying
Answer: It is the best and most convenient way to find a Chinese travel agency to help you with the Tibet Travel Permit. We provide TTB applying service for our clients. However, the service of TTB applying can be only included when you join any of our tibet tour. The Beijing-Tibet Train ticket(sleeping berth) is very hard to get. Please prepare for that in advance.
Question Source>Shanghai Tours :I read in your website about Shanghai tour package. I have many meeting in Shanghai so do not know my exact free schedule yet untill I get there. I am interested in: Shanghai Half day Tour & Shanghai Highlight Day Tour. Please let me know your special prices for two people. Brgs, Joe
Answer: Hi, I have sent the quotation for Shanghai Half day Tour & Shanghai Highlight Day Tour to your email. If you have the exact schedule when you in Shanghai,please let me know at least before 2 days,we need time to handle the trip for you. Besides, we have office in Shanghai,and if you decided to take the tour with us,you can make the payment directly to them.
Question Source>Guangzhou Tours :Hi, we are a group of 4 (with 2 senior citizen)are interested for 2 days Guangzhou private tour and Zhuhai (5/2/2010 to 7/2/2010). We are looking for a short trip to cover these 2 cities. Can you arrange an iternary and accomodation for us? Can we request for a Chinese speaking guide?
Answer: We are glad to arrange this 2-Day Guangzhou and Zhuhai Tour for you. The Chinese speaking tour guide is also available. We have sent a customized itinerary and the cost to your mail. Please check and feel free to let us know with any other questions.
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