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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Shegar Tours :I want to visit the Everest Base Camp. Can your tour company provide Mount Everest tour service? where do I stay on the day when I arrive?
Answer: If you want to tour Mount Everest, departing from Lhasa, and stay there on the day when you arrive, there are two choices. One way is to stay inside the Everest Base Camp, the other way is to stay in Shegar(New Tingri). Shegar is a small town. Usually, most of the tourists who is heading for main peak just stay at Shegar. The condition of hotels in Shegar is better.
Question Source>Shigatse Tours :Is it worthwhile to visit Shigatse? I want to take a Tibet tour. I know that Lhasa is a must to go. How about other cities? Pls advice. We only have 5 days, 6 people.
Answer: Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet, just next to Lhasa, also enjoying the long history. Shigatse features its own city sightseeing. Besides, you can also see many famous tour attractions on the way to Shigatse from Lhasa, so I suggest you to add the Shigatse tour. I have made a 5-day tour itinerary including Shigatse for your reference.
Question Source>Taiyuan Tours :We want to tour Taiyuan. We are Australian overseas students of Peiking University, can your tour company arrange us a Taiyuan tour? We are 13 persons; want to have a Taiyuan tour at weekends. As we are students, please give student concession. Any suggestions? We can speak Chinese.
Answer: Hello, I have made you a 3D2N itinerary of Taiyuan tour. In this itinerary of Taiyuan tour, we arrange to take train to Tainyuan. The accommodation in Taiyuan is a 3-star hotel. I think you can speak Chinese, so a Chinese-speaking guide is arranged. The meals in this tour program only include lunches, as there are so many economical small restaurants in Taiyuan that you can have more choices freely. Please check the concrete itinerary and quotation in your email. Wish you a pleasant trip in Taiyuan.
Question Source>Tianjin Tours :We will be in Tianjin on 9th for returning 3.35pm flight to Malaysia on 10th. Please give me a quote for private transfer by car from Tianjin airport to Beijing capital airport on 10 January 2011.
Answer: Ok, we have sent the quotation to your email. Please check and inform us with your flight info if you want to proceed booking this transfer with us.
Question Source>Tianjin Tours :Is it possible to make us a tailored Tianjin tour? We want to have a 1-day Tianjin tour including Huangyaguan Great Wall & Dagu Fort. We arrive in Tianjin on 29 Dec and would like to start the Tianjin tour on 30th, Dec. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Answer: The Huangyaguan Great Wall is one of the ten most-visited sites in Tianjin, about 140 km north of Tianjin city and 28 kilometers north of Ji County (Jixian). As a heroic symbol of China's fight against foreign invasion, Dagu Fort is the gateway to Tianjin, located at Tanggu District, about 60 km southeast of Tianjin City. Time is too limited to visit them both within one day. If time permits, we can make you a tailor-made itinerary for a 2-day Tianjin tour. Please let us know your decision.
Question Source>Tianjin Tours :Hi. My family and I will travel to Tianjin on 6th december and will be arrive at Tianjin airport. I need airport pick up there since we already book a hotel at Holiday Inn, Tianjin. Your fast reply and consideration is highly appreciated. Thank You. Regards, Nur Faiqah
Answer: Hi Nur Faiqah, thanks for your inquiry. We've learned that you need Tianjin airport pick up service on 6th,Dec. The detail itinerary and quotation have been sent to your email By the way, do you need our Tianjin tour? Looking forward to hearing from you.
Question Source>Turpan Tours :Thanks for your great website. After learning something about the Turpan tour on your webiste, I want to visit Turpan in person very much. I'm going to the Exhibition in Urumqi next month. I have 2 free days after the work. Please arrange me a 3D2N Turpan tour. We are 5 persons. Are there fruits available in Turpan in Sep?
Answer: Hello, this is Linda. I have made you a tailor-made 2-day Turpan tour. We arrange a 11-seat van and a beautiful Uyghur guide who can speak fluent English. For your question about the fruits in Turpan, Sep is the right time harvesting Turpan fruits, and we also arrange fruits in your each meal.
Question Source>Tianshui Tours :I want to visit Tianshui, but I don't know what the best tour route is. I'll depart from Beijing. Besides, the Grottoes ofTianshui Maijishan are big? Can I go through it within one day?
Answer: The easiest way is to take train. You can arrive in Tianshui directly by train. If you need, we can provide Tianshui tour service. Upon your arrival on Tianshui, we will arrange you a private car and guide. It's enough to visit the Grottoes of Tianshui Maijishan within one day. If anything needed, welcome to contact us anytime.
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