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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Yellow Dragon Cave Travel :I’d visit the Yellow Dragon Cave. Which part is the most special?
Answer: Thanks for your asking. The Yellow Dragon Cave is a very special attraction itself. But if you want a more intimate experience, you can visit the Labyrinth. It is a cave which is sandwiched between a river above and a river below. Accordingly, this moisture-filled cave is thickly populated with columns (stalactites and stalagmites that have made contact and grown into one stone). Visitors must suck in their bellies to squeeze through some tight spots.
Question Source>Guangzhou Travel Guide :I am in Guangzhou and I want to visit some ancient buildings. What attractions are worth of visiting?
Answer: Thank you for asking. I recommend you Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhenhai Tower and Chen Clan Academy. All of them are great historic buildings full of Chinese traditional culture.
Question Source>Guangzhou Local Food :Thanks for your asking. I think Lian Xianglou is a perfect choice. It was founded in 1889 with a long history and is a famed Cantonese restaurant across China. Local gourmets may disdain its dishes but its bakery is still popular among tourists.
Question Source>Guangzhou Tour : I will be in Guangzhou during the Dragon Boat Festival, so I’d like to visit some places. Do you have any recommendations?
Answer: Thank you for asking. Here are some suggestions:You can visit 1, Ruyuan Grand Canyon, an amazing quartz sandstone landform; 2, Shawan Ancient Town, a concentration area of stylish constructions in Ming and Qing Dynasties; 3, Dashatou Wharf, a perfect place to date with your love; 4, Shimen National Forest Park, standing out in all seasons; 5, Baoqu Roses World, the first roses-themed park in China; 6, Panlong Gorge, a fairy world with an ocean of lavender. All these places can make you a wonderful Dragon Boat Festival.
Question Source>Pingyao Tour :I will visit The Old Town of Pingyao, so what places of it is worth of noticing?
Answer: Thanks for your asking. Pingyao is known mainly for three historical treasures: the ancient brick city wall, the Zhenguo Temple, and the Shuanglin Temple.
Question Source>Chengdu Tour :Hi, I am in Chengdu now and I’d like to visit a place different from the common ones. So do you have any recommendation?
Answer: Thanks for your asking. I recommend you the Hailuogou, or trumpet shell valley. It is one of Sichuan's lesser-known attractions, about 300 kilometers southwest of Chengdu, the capital. It offers a panoramic vista that includes the snow-covered 7,556-meter-high peak of Mount Konka, often called the king of mountains in Sichuan. You can also see a rare low-altitude glacier, silent Tibetan prayer stone altars, beautiful trees and lovely animals - all encompassed in crystal clear pure air. So if you are nimble on your feet, and enjoy a good energetic hike up the mountains, your reward will be a peaceful piece of paradise undisturbed by cacophonous crowds.
Question Source>Wuyi Tour :I want to visit Wuyi Mountain. Do you have any recommendation of it?
Answer: First of all, thanks for your asking. Wuyi Mountain is famous for its Dahongpao tea. There is a tea tree on the mountain but can only grow a little tea, therefore, Dahongpao tea is very expensive. And thanks to the abundant sunshine and high rainfall, Wuyi Mountain is heavily forested with a variety of flowers and trees. So you will be allured by the fresh air to take deep breathes. It ‘s a perfect place for being a immortal by tasting tea and breathing fresh air here every day.
Question Source>Qingdao Tour :Hello, I am in Qingdao now. I’d like to visit the city, so I want to know which road here is the most beautiful?
Answer: Thanks for your asking. I think the Shaoguan Road is the best. Because there are a lot of cherry blossoms along the plain road. And if luck, you can see many new couples taking wedding dress photos standing against red gates.
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