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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Taipei Tours :Can you make Taipei tour? I'm an Australian, living in Chengdu. Please suggest the best transportation way.
Answer: If you want to visit Taipei from Chengdu, the best way is to take plane. There is the direct flight to Taipei now, and the price is not that expensive. There are many tour attractions in Taipei. You can visit Taipei, Gaoxiong and Tainan. We can make you a Taipei tour. Please let me know how long you prefer to stay in Taipei and which star hotel you want to use. Then, we can make you a customized Taipei tour at once.
Question Source>Tian Port Beijing Coach Transfer :Hi Monica: If I were to hire the 33 passenger coach. Does this include English speaking driver and tolls etc? How is payment or reservations made for this? What are the requirements? Not sure as to what we might do but want to know all the details before I approach some people. Do we have to make reservations for the 50 seat coach? If our ship is to dock at 4am. the departure time will be the same as you suggested?
Answer: Hi, When you arrive in Tianjin Port, our dedicated English speaking guide will be at the port welcoming you. The guide will escort you back in Beijing with the caoch. The quotation has already included tolls for Tianjin to Beijing transfer. About payment, we will need half of the quotation as deposit, and you could hand the balance to our guide when you meet up at Xingang Port; could also be me meeting you at Tianjin Port, so we can meet. I suggest that it's better to join in our Tianjin Port Beijing coach transfer, which will save money and drop you off in your booked hotel in Beijing. We will limit the pax on the bus, so it won't be crowded on the bus. Usually, there will be 35 persons at most on a 55-seat bus. The ship usually dock at Tianjin Port early in the morning, but Chinese Customs will open at 7:30am, so when you can finally off the boat, it will be 8 o'clock earliest. Our guide will be awaiting you at the exit holding our company's signage. Besides, our bus and guide will be in Tianjin one day prior to your arrival in Tianjin Port, so that will guarentee to get you on time. If you need any hotel booking or city tour in Beijing, you can contact us also.
Question Source>Beijing Pictures :Anything need to be aware of when I'm doing a photography tour in Beijing? Will be shooting with dslr and lenses, which are carried in a backpack. Also anywhere around Beijing within a couple of hours drive, sort of scenic landscape places, good to photograph? Any advice gratefully received.
Answer: It's not going to be an issue for the most part of Beijing. But some old Beijing locals might not like if they see you taking their pictures without asking. The real Beijing life and old Beijing culture seem like good themes.
Question Source>Shanghai Pictures :Hey guys, got some amazing pictures of Shanghai? I don't want to Google Shanghai, the pictures you got might only show the best side... I want an interesting and real Shanghai, rather than beautiful. Let's share them!
Answer: I got some of the attractions there... but how about video of snacks I took in the Old Street? If you want i can send - but pretty large files, some usual photos as well....
Question Source>Xian Pictures :Hi, our family is going to take an overnight train from Beijing to Xi'an (soft sleep, 4 person per berth, including 2 kids). Dose anybody have a picture of the berth? Is it comfortable and clean? Is it a lot cheaper than flight?
Answer: We had ever taken a journey to Xi'an on the night train, however, with no pictures. But I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was clean, comfortable and another advantage is that it will save you the expense of a night in a hotel in Xi'an. Xi'an is a city in China deserved to visit, I got many good photos there.
Question Source>Guilin Pictures :I learn the name of Li River long ago from some guidebooks about China. Last year my family visited Guilin on our second trip to China. It is more vivid and genuine than what the pictures show!! Feels like you are in the Chinese paintings!
Answer: Hi there, Most likely I will have a chance to visit Guilin in April! The main reason I want to go there is that I heard Guilin has the most beautiful scenery when you take Li River cruise. Need your good advice and recs, if possible. Thanks.
Question Source>Lhasa Pictures :Hi, I'm on the very early stage of planning. First of all, I'm wondering if I need the original permit to get into Tibet or would a photo copy of the permit be sufficient? And is photography allowed inside the Potala Palace and the temples? Are Tibetan open to tourists taking their photo?
Answer: As far as I know, a photo copy will be fine. If you haven't been to Tibet, you won't have the full picture of what is going on there. Many of the Tibetans had never actually seen westerners before, so they don't always enjoy being photographed. In many temples (including the Potala Palace) you are not allowed to take pictures at all.
Question Source>Huangshan Pictures :I'm in China right now and will spend 3 days in Huangshan next week. I'm a kind of need a company, just traveling together and help to take photos. Better if can speak Mandarin. Anybody have interest please send me email and please enclose your picture.
Answer: Do you mean the mountain or the city? You can check the pictures on the website that Huangshan is the town where Yellow Mountain is located. 3 days is enough to climb the mountain as well as to visiting the town. I'd like to send you some photos I took, if you need.
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