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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Fuzhou Tours :I'm from Spain. I need tour suggestions in Fuzhou. We are 2 persons, my colleage and I.
Answer: Fuzhou is the provincial capital of Fujian. Fuzhou tour is mainly related to Minnan culture (southern Fujian). I have made you a 1-day Fuzhou city tour and 1-day Tulou tour. Tulou is the most typical structure which can stand for Minnan and Kejia culture. Wish you a pleasant trip in Fuzhou.
Question Source>Guiyang Tours :Interested in one-day tour from Guiyang to Huangguoshu Waterfall, Buyi Village and Dragon Palace. 2 Persons. Tour date tomorrow Nov. 7.
Answer: Hello. Your tour itinerary seems a little tight and your desired tour date is so close. We have sent the quote in your mail. Please confirm with us as soon as possible if you want to proceed. So we can make relevant arrangement for your tour.
Question Source>Haikou Tours :How far from Haikou to Sanya? I want to tour Hainan, but so far only find flight to Haikou. Can you give me some suggestions? We are 2 persons from Ukraine. Is there any good beach in Haikou? If so, we would like to spend a couple of days in Haikou as well.
Answer: Haikou is the provincial capital of Hainan Province. If your flight can only reach in Haikou, you can do a 3-day Haikou, Sanya, Xinglong tour and arrive in Sanya as the last stop. Then you can enjoy the beach and sunshine to the most. I have sent the 3-day Haikou Sanya tour itinerary in your email, and will be awaiting your reply. P.S. There are nice beaches in Haihou, but the temperature in Haikou is too low in Januarary, not good for swimming.
Question Source>Hailar Tours :It is said that the grassland of Hailar is the most beautiful one in China.I am a student overseas in China.We are a group of 7 persons and want to tour Hailar. Please make us a budget tour itinerary.
Answer: Yes, the grassland in Hailar is the most beautiful one in China. Hailar is close to the Greater Khingan Range. High season to tour Hailar is during summer vacation and the Mongolian yurts are very limited, so you need book in advance. Another attraction in Hailar is also very famous, named Lake Hulun, I have arranged it in your itinerary. Welcome to contact us whenever you need.
Question Source>Harbin Tours :The 2 of us will arrive Harbin on 14th Jan 2011. Leave harbin on 16th Jan 2011 morning. can you quote for airport to hotel pick up and 1-day Harbin tour on 15th Jan? Thanks Leong
Answer: No problem. The itinerary and quotation have been sent to your email. Please check and let us know your opinions. We will arrange you a 5-seat car and an English tour guide. Have a good tour in Harbin!
Question Source>Harbin Tours :We're planing a vacation in Harbin. Can you help us arrange a tour of 2 days in Harbin? We'd like to visit all famous attractions in Harbin and the prize should include everything. Meanwhile, we'd love a trip to Harbin International Ice Snow Festival if possible. Thanks! Sue
Answer: Dear Sue, this is Elin the tour advisor from itourbeijing. We definitely can offer you this tour as we are professional tour operators. The Ice Snow Festival in Harbin will last till the end of Feb if you would let us handle your trip in Harbin, we will offer you as best tour package as we can. We have sent the initial itinerary to your email, let us know your idea. Regards.
Question Source>Hohhot Tours :I read about your 3 day Hohhot- Baotou Tour and have some questions:- 1. We would be starting the tour April 21st - is this a favorable time to visit Hohhot and Baotou or will it still be too cold? 2. We see that one night is spent in a Yurt - again is this possible if it is not summer and is there any heat source? Please reply to me as soon as possible as I am trying to finalize our travel plans quickly. Regards, Ria Waugh
Answer: Dear Ria Waugh, here are the answers below: 1/ I've learned that you want to start your Hohhot-Baotou tour at the end of April, but I don't think it's a good time to tour there. Because the temperature in Hohhot and Baotou is still low and you may feel cold there. 2/ referring to the temperature, it's not a good time to live in the Yurt. The Yurt is Luxury Yurt, but without heat source. If you want to live in, we will provide the Yurt for you. Best Regards, Linda
Question Source>Hefei Tours :I'm going for a conference in Hefei next month and would like to get a little acquaintance of the local customs and culture. Are there any interesting places to visit and try local delicacy? And how far is it from Hefei to Shanghai? I want to spend two days to travel in Hefei, and if possible, I would like to visit Shanghai, too. Is that OK? Please help me arrange that, thank you.
Answer: Thanks for your inquiry. It is about 476km (296miles) from Hefei to Shanghai. I have made a tailor-made Hefei tour itinerary and sent to your email. Welcome to contact us if there are any questions about the detail of the Hefei tour itinerary. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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