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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Yichang Tours :I want to tour the three gorges dam and surroundings for good photos in Yichang. Pick up at hotel on November 8 at 10am, allow 5 hours before returning to Yichang port to catch up the cruise on the Yangtze River. Driver to stay with me all the time. Is it available?
Answer: It's available to make you a customized 1-day Yichang Tour involving in three gorges dam. The detail of this Yichang Tour has been attached in your email, please check if it can be satisfied.
Question Source>Yichang Tours :Linda, I want to say thanks for making the arrangement for me to tour the three gorges dam area in Yichang on Monday, and a special thanks to the tour guide Sophia. I was very impressed with her knowledge, vivid personality ,and excellent command of the english language. Everything worked out well and met my expectations. The weather in Yichang was warm and sunny, perfect for sightseeing. We had a great day. Thanks again, Peter.
Answer: Hi Peter,thanks for your reply! It is nice to hear that you are satisfied with our Yichang tour service. If you also want to travel China in the future, welcome to contact us. We will continue to provide good service for you.
Question Source>Yinchuan Tours :Hello, I'm a foreigner who is currently working in Yinchuan. I would like to inquire if your tour agency can make us a customized Yinchuan tour for 5 days, but my friend and i will not be staying in a hotel here in Yinchuan because we have an apartment.
Answer: Hello, thanks for your inquiry. According to your practical situation and time arrangement, we can cut out hotel in Yinchuan and make you a tailor-made 5-day Yinchuan tour. The tour itinerary with all details has been sent to your email. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.
Question Source>http://www.itourbeijing.com/china-tour/yutian/ :I'll pass by Yutian, in Xinjiang next month for one day. Are there any tour attractions in Yutian. Please make me a 1-day Yutian tour.
Answer: The tour attractions in Yutian are not that much. But you can visit Kaladun Old Town Relics. You can consult our website about the 1-day Yutian tour, I believe it can be satisfied. Welcome to contact us if you want to go ahead with our Yutian tour.
Question Source>Yiwu Tours :We are in Yiwu. 4 persons. we want a tour around Yiwu. let us know the options thanks.
Answer: Hi, we are glad to provide you with Yiwu Tour. How many days you are going to spend in Yiwu. May we invite you to view our pre-designed itineraries on our site? We have Yiwu tours for 1 day and 2 days. If neither of them can meet your needs, we would like to give a tailor-made tour.
Question Source>Zhaoxing Tours :I'm interested in Zhaoxing tour very much after going through your website about Zhaoxing, Is it suitable for backpacking tour in Zhaoxing? I love hiking. Pls advice.
Answer: Zhaoxing is suitable for hiking very much. You can arrive in Guilin first. After touring for couple of days, you can visit Zhaoxing by bus. The sightseeing in Zhaoxing is very beautiful. And there are also many distinctive hotels. Wish you a good trip in Zhaoxing.
Question Source>Zhengzhou Tours :I want to tour the Shaolin Temple. Do you have any suggestion? I've checked that there is no direct train to Shaolin Temple. Is it convenient to get to Zhengzhou first? Please make me a tour itinerary and quote. I plan to visit Shaolin Temple next weekends.
Answer: Zhengzhou is the provincial capital of Henan province as well as one important transportation hub in China. If you depart from Beijing, fast train is available now. It takes about 5 hours to arrive in Zhengzhou. Upon your arrival, we can arrange one guide taking you to Shaolin Temple. I have made an itinerary of 2-day Zhengzhou-Shaolin Temple tour for your reference and sent to your email already. Welcome to book our tour.
Question Source>Zhuhai Tours :The map shows that Zhuhai is very close to Macau. I'm going to Macau next month. I want to visit China mainland. Is it convenient to arrive in Zhuhai from Macau? Are there some attractions in Zhuhai worthy of visiting? Pls advice, thanks
Answer: Yes, Zhuhai is next to Macau. You can arrive in Zhuhai through Gongbei Border Gate. The tour attractions in Zhuhai are not that much, as this is a new city. Statue of fisher girl, Lover's Road, etc, can be regarded as the landmark of Zhuhai. But you can enjoy the cuisine and experience the beach in Zhuhai. Besides, the massage in Zhuhai is also well-known across the country.
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