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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Xiamen Tour :I will go to Xiamem. Do you any recommendation of the attractions to me ?
Answer: Thanks for your asking. I believe Gulangyu is a great choice. There, you can enjoy the touch of the wind, bathe in the sun and listen to the sea tide. All these will help you forgot all sorrows and miseries. If you want to refresh yourself , you can go there.
Question Source>Guangfu Town Tour :Hi, I am interested in the Chinese Kongfu. Would you please recommend a place related to Kongfu to me?
Answer: Thanks for asking. I think Guangfu Town is a great choice. It is the Birth Place of Yang Style Taichi. It is near Handan. Every morning at 5, you can easily find men and women holding swords or fans or with empty hands to perform gorgeous Taichi out of four town gates of Guangfu.
Question Source>Hangzhou Trave :I’d like to visit Hangzhou in August and I want to visit some special places. So do you have any recommendation?
Answer: I recommend you to visit Lingyin Temple. It is a fairy place. You can hear the sound of the bell in the morning and listening to the drum sound at dusk. it is green everywhere, you feel cool and comfortable. In the city of all the troubles, you will forget and only enjoy the feeling here.
Question Source>Lingyin Tour : I will visit Lingyin Temple. Which part of it is the most special?
Answer: Thanks for asking. I think the most special part is also its main part. It is Klippe. klippe in geology is a limestone. There are a lot of strange stones and many old trees. The most magical is, klippe cave in cliffs, carved from the Five Dynasties to the song and Yuan period, more than 470 statues of stone carvings. The carving is very beautiful, although after many years, some carving is not clear, but look carefully, you will see the beauty of sculpture. And Yongfu Temple is a good choice,too. It is in the mountains of Lingyin Temple, more quiet. When you experience in the Buddhist holy places, walking in the mountains, you can feel this quiet at the moment, and enjoy the culture of Lingyin Temple.
Question Source> Hailuogou Trave Guide :How many hours does it take from Chengdu to Hailuogou?
Answer: It takes about 7-hour drive from Chengdu to Hailuogou.
Question Source>Tibet Travel Guide :I want to experience a different Tibet. When is the proper time for me to go there?
Answer: Thanks for asking. I recommend you to go there during Tibetan New Year so that you can experience a different New Year. Tibetan New Year is the most important festival there. On that day, Tibetan families will get together and pray for a better year. The traditional Tibetan New Year is known as Losar, which starts from the first to the third day of the first Tibetan month. Preparations for the happy event are manifested by special offerings to family shrine deities, painted doors with religious symbols, and other painstaking jobs. People eat Guthuk (barley crumb food with filling) on New Year’s Eve with their families. As a convention, there will be a Guthuk stuffed with a different filling to fool someone in the family.
Question Source>Nanjing Travel Guide :I am taking the train from Nanjing to Shanghai.How far is the NJ rail station from NJ Grand Hotel? How much is the taxi? Do most Taxi know where the Grand Hotel is?
Answer: Most bullet trains from Hongqiao Station go to NJ South. Are you referring to this station? If so, it is around 13km from the hotel. The taxi fare is around CNY35 I remember. Many taxi drivers know the hotel. Despite this, you'd better prepare the Chinese characters of the hotel as well as its Chinese address in case!
Question Source>Restaurants in Nanjing :would you be able to recommend good restaurants and shopping by Wutaishan Sports Center in Nanjing?
Answer: The closest shopping paradise is the Xinjiekou area, which is about 2.5km from your hotel.I am not very clear about the good restaurants near your position, but I know many excellent restaurants in Xinjiekou area. Would you mind tell me what kind of food do you want to taste? I can tell you some based on your requirements. Around your place, I only know some cafes such as Xiangxie Cafe.
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