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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Huangshan Tours :I would like to share my Huangshan Tour itinerary: 28-Dec-08 ETA 7.30am by train. Hot Spring and stay there. 29-Dec-2008 To Huangshan and sight seeing. Stay at summit 30-Dec-2008 Sight seeing at Mt Huangshan and travel to huangshan 31-Dec-2008 Sight seeing in Hunagshan, Hongcun and others. ETD 9.30pm
Question Source>Chengdu Tours :Hello. By end of next week, or soon after, I want to go on a tour in Chengdu for about 8 to 10 days. The tour should include all the sights in Chengdu, jiuzhaigou, dujiangyan and the Zoo with panda bears. Besides, during the tours in Chengdu, I would like to taste the traditional food with less pepper. I am just a single person without partners. Can you make me an offer? Some suitable itinerary for me?
Answer: This is Chris, a tour operator from itourbeijing. Nice to read your message. As you know, after the serious Wenchuan Earthquake in May,2008, dujiangyan has been damaged. Now the area is still an unopened spot for travelers. So, you may change your route. About Jiuzhaigou, it is one of the most expensive tour place for travelers. Since you are going to the tour only yourself. You should occupy a single room,private car, guide and so on. I will send the tour itinerary to your mailbox. Could you give me your mail address? What's more, food with less pepper is no problem.
Question Source>Nanjing Tours :Hi I am a Malaysian and will take a Nanjing Tour during this Chinese New Year. Will it be snowing in February? Thanks.
Answer: The Weather Forecast rightnow has no news about snow in Nanjing in Chinese New Year. Do you need us to arrange your tour in Nanjing? Welcome to view our page of Nanjing Tours.
Question Source>Nanjing Tours :This is Susanne, from Chine. I'm interested in Nanjing Luxury 3 Days Tour. But the guide has to speak English.
Answer: Hello Susanne,glad to hear from you. We can provide the Nanjing Luxury 3 Days Tour for you and the guide can speak fluent English. Please take it easy. Just one more question, when will you arrive in Nanjing? Best Regards, Linda
Question Source>Beidaihe Tours :I am a foriegner student of Behang university. I want to do a tour to Beidaihe for 2 nights on some working day in next month. We are 6 family members. We demand a tour package on our own pace. I want to stay there in a reasonable hotel near the tiger and stone park and visit the best tour attractions. What's your proposal.
Answer: This is Elin from itourbeijing. It'll our honor to arrange your Beidaihe tour. We're a tour operator that can offer you a perfect tailor-made tour package in Beidaihe for your family. I've send an initial itinerary to you, please check and feel free to ask. According to your request, we made the itinerary and quoation as follows, please check.
Question Source>Baotou Tours :Is there any grassland surrounding Baotou?I want to have a grassland tour from Beijing, please give me suggestions.
Answer: Baotou is an important city in Inner Mongolia, but far away from the grassland. The famous scenery surrounding Baotou is the grand desert. I recommend you to take train or flight to Baotou first. You can visit desert scenery first, and then go to Hohhot which is nearby the grassland. We can provide you a Baotou tour. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need.
Question Source>Beihai Tours :It is said that the sand beach of Beihai is not inferior to that of Sanya, isn't it? I am Norwegian,living in HongKong.I want to spend my holiday in Beihai with my family in May, please give me advices.
Answer: First of all, you need a Chinese visa if you visit Beihai from HongKong. The best route is to arrive in Shenzhen first, for there is direct flight to Beihai. Besides, we can reserve the hotel nearby the famous silver beach of Beihai. But the problem is that the weather of Beihai in May is still rather cold, it is not available to swim at that time, so I recommend that the Beihai tour would be better to be put off to July.
Question Source>Changchun Tours :Hello, itourbeijing tour company, Do you have any tours that begin May 1 for Changchun tour 4 Days ?. Any other tours about Changchun. Thanks . Michelle
Answer: Danny form itourbeijing ,At present, we do not have any package tour to take this tour on May 1st. We can arrange this tour as a private tour only for you. The trip is not only in Changchun, you can also to visit other tour attractions nearby to Changhun, such as Jilin City, Changbaishan Mountain and Yanbian Korea Village,etc.
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