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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Jingxi Ancient Pass Pictures :Where the Jingxi ancient pass located?
Answer: In Mentougou District of Beijing.
Question Source>China Photos :I visited China a few years ago with a photography group and had so much fun! That's why I'm going back in July with my husband for our honeymoon. I'm wondering if anyone had any experience with good photo studios there, like in Beijing or Shanghai? I've ever visited HK and went to a lovely tudio to spend a day dressing up and taking photos. Finally, I got an amazing photo album and tons of photos from it, with very cheap price! If anyone knows about it, please let me know!
Answer: Hi, As far as I know, there are hundreds of photo studios in Shanghai and Beijing, that do all kinds of wedding photos and dress changes. But not cheap in July, the peak season of marriage.
Question Source>Embassies and Consulates :Hello, My family and I are living in Beijing on a work Zvisa. I am a local teacher at a University. We are from the U.S. and will be living here until July. We would like to do some traveling outside of China for the Winter break. Would you be able to help us secure travel arrangements and visa's for the countries we are wanting to travel to? We are considering traveling to Thailand, Burma, India, Japan, and possibly Laos. Can you help with arranging Visas for myself, my wife, and our son? Thanks Sincerely, Shawn
Answer: Hello Shawn! This is Lily from itourbeijing.com. As we know, If you are American citizens with American Passports, they are many countries that you can go travelling without visas, such as Thailan. For those countires which need visas, you can go to their embassies in Beijing directly to apply for. If you need any tours in those countries, please don’t don’t hesitate to contact us!
Question Source>Beijing Weather :Hi there, we are looking to travel to Beijing in mid November this year. We are a little concerned at how cold it is going to be in Beijing? I have looked up some numbers that advise it to be between 0-12 degrees (Celsius). Is this true? Appreciate your answer, many thanks!
Answer: Winter starts to wane in mid Nov in Beijing. Usually, there will be several winds in Nov, but it will clear the sky and the lower temperatures will be compensated by the remains of autumn colors. I suggest bringing a pair of thin gloves, a warm fall coat and a hat to warm ears. Anyway, enjoy your trip!
Question Source>Baotou Weather :I have been working in South China for more than 2 years. I will move to Baotou high-tech zone to work for at least 1 year from next March. What’s the weather in Baotou? Any suggestions? Thanks.
Answer: It is windy in spring in Baotou. Sometimes, the gale can reach fifth or sixth grade, followed by the dust storm. Compared with South China, the weather is dry all year around. Summer comes at end of May in Baotou. The temperature difference between day and night is big in summer. Autumn is the best season. There is no extreme temperature. It is very comfortable.You can wear either pants or shorts. But the UV (ultraviolet) radiation is stronger than the one in South China, so protect yourself from the sunshine. It is very cold and dry in winter in Baotou. But there are heaters and air-conditionings inside rooms. So it is still comfortable. Hope these help.
Question Source>Beidaihe Weather :I've heard that Beidaihe is a famous seaside city. When is the appropriate month to swim? in May? What's the temperature in Beidaihe?
Answer: Beidaihe is located in northern China which is a popular destination for seaside vacation in summer. Best time to go swim in Beidaihe is from May to late September. For temperature information, please refer to our list on this page.
Question Source>Beihai Weather :Hi, we are planning a short visit to Beihai in mid June. What is the weather like? Is it hot? Super hot or plain hot? Many thanks.
Answer: It is plain hot in mid June in Beihai. The general temperature ranges from 26C-32C. You'll be warm everywhere you go. Light and airy base layer are just ok, like shorts, short-sleeve shirts, etc. Hope these help.
Question Source>Changchun Weather :What clothing preparation should I do in Changchun from 10 – 19 January, what is weather in Changchun? How is the temperature?
Answer: The general temperature in Changchun from 10 to 19 January ranges from -11 degree to -21 degree Celsius. It is super cold. The winter clothes are necessaries, like the down jackets, sweaters, etc. But there are heaters or air-conditioning inside room in Changchun, so it would be warm and comfortable after the transition from outdoor to indoor.
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