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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>What's the weather like of Jiuzhaigou in May ? :We will be visiting Juizhaigou in May, 17th through 24th. Do we need to bring heavy jacket? Is it a good time to see the waterfalls and the cascade ponds? Thanks you!
Answer: Hello. The average temperature in the middle May in Jiuzhaigou is 15?. So you just do not need to take heavy jacket. But there are lots of rain in May in Jiuzhaigou, so maybe you can take some rain coats and umbrellas with you when you have a visit to Jiuzhaigou. You can have a better view of the waterfalls. By the way, hope you have a good day in Jiuzhaigou.
Question Source>Guilin Tour :We would like to fly in to Guilin and explore the city on our own, I wonder how convenient is the public transport to move around Guilin from attraction to another tourist attraction. How easy and safe to travel on our own... as we are not the type to like to join in a tour.
Answer: Hello. Thanks for your question and We are very glad to answer your question. The public transportation in Guilin is very convenient and you can choose to take bus and taxi to the attractions. If you choose to travel by your own, you had better figure out the route of the attractions you want to go in advance. And pay more attention to your security.
Question Source>Jiuzhaigou map :Is there a way to get directly from Xian to Jiuzhaigou ?
Answer: Hello. Thanks for you inquiry. If you want to go to Jiuzhaigou from Xian, you have two kinds of choices. One is by air and the other is drive a car. There are serval flights from Xian to Jiuzhaiou every day. So it is very convenient for you to by plane to Jiuzhaigou. Hope this can help you.
Question Source>Tibet Traviel Permit :I would like to inquire how long it will take to get a Tibet permit for a Filipino national. Can we apply Tibet permit while we are still in the Philippines or we can apply when we get there? Hope you could respond as soon as possible.
Answer: Hello. Thanks for your inquiry and we are very glad to answer your questions here. As far as know, you can only apply the Tibet Travel Permit in China through the Tibet Tourism Bureau. You have to send the necessary materials to the Tibet Tourism Bureau or the Tibet Travel Agency which would like to help you. Hope this can help you.
Question Source>China Visa :Can I stay in China mainland for 52 days on a single entry visa?
Answer: It is very easy for almost anyone to obtain a tourist visa to enter China. The tourist visa is usually good for a maximum stay of up to sixty days.
Question Source>Xingang Weather :Could you tell me about the weather in xingang Tianjin port, china from 29th to 31st July, 2013? (about temperature, rain, storm, wind, snow). I'm looking to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your help!
Answer: Jul 29 day Thundershower High: 34?(93?) SW at <12km/h night Shower Low: 25?(77?) S at <12km/h Jul 30 day Cloudy High 34?(93?) SE at <12km/h night Cloudy Low: 26?(79?) SE at <12km/h Jul 31 day Cloudy High: 33?(91?) SE at <12km/h night Overcast Low: 27?(81?) SE at <12km/h
Question Source>China Visa :My wife is visiting Beijing on a single entry 30 day tourist visa. I am here on business with a multiple entry visa. We would like to visit Hong Kong together. Is there any way we can get a visa for my wife to visit Hong Kong with me and return directly to Beijing after the visit.
Answer: Dear Sir, very glad to answer your question here. As your wife’s visa is single entry tourist visa, if she goes to Hongkong, the China visa will lose efficacy, so she can not come back to mainland from Hongkong. Here I have two suggestions, the frist is that apply for another China visa in advance. The second is that you can go to Hongkong after having a visit in mainland. Hope it can be helpful.
Question Source>China Visa :Dear sir/madam, I want to know the required process of china visa and how can I obtain it?
Answer: Tourists visa Documents required: Valid Passport (valid at least 6 months after the return date and 2 consecutive blank pages) Visa Application Form properly completed and signed, with an ID photo Photocopies of roundtrip airline tickets Photocopies of hotel reservations during your stay or certificate of accommodation in China International Insurance Certificate (care / repatriation, valid during the stay in China) Certificate of employment/proof of income (statement of last 3 months) or certificate of education (for students over 18 ) For those who visit a family member in China, provide a letter of invitation from parents, an attestation of family relationships (family book, marriage certificate...) and identification (residence permit for Foreigners in China, Chinese ID card for Chinese ...) For those who visit friends in China, provide a letter of invitation from a friend in China by joining identification (residence permit for Foreigners in China, Chinese ID card for the Chinese. ..)
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