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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Beijing Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Beijing tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the Beijing FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours to China.

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Question Source>Qinhuangdao Tours :Hello,I will go for Qinhuangdao for business in July and have 2 days rest ,is there any suggestion for me ?I have booked the hotel myself and just need a vehicle and a English-speaking guide now .Thanks!
Answer: Glad to hear from you. To be honest, there are less valuable attractions in Qinhuangdao, but you can visit the noted Shanhaiguan Great wall which is the east most of the Great wall in Beidaihe, only 30 km from Qinhuangdao. It is very convenient to drive there from Qinhuangdao, with only half one hour's driving. We would like to provide both the guide and the vehicle. Please feel free to contact us if you need any service.
Question Source>Sanya Tours :I would like to enquire a 2 days 1 nights tour package at Sanya on Sept. tour package include: 1 night accommodation at Sanya, return transfer from Haikou to Sanya. One day tour at Sanya and half day tour at Haikou. how much would it be per person if we have 10 persons? Thank you.
Answer: Since the time is not enough to tour in Hainan Island, so I have made an itinerary of 3 days Sanya tour for you. Please check whether it will meet with your approval.
Question Source>Suzhou Tours :Is a one day tour to Suzhou and Zhouzhuang canal boat ride possible. How many hours would be needed to see both places and when will the tour starts and ends? We can give a full day to this tour. What would be the cost for two people? Thank you - Gene Tanner.
Answer: Well, that's depends on where you start this tour. If you are in Suzhou now, there will be no problem. But if you are in Shanghai or somewhere else, the time is a litte tight. If so we suggest you take a Suzhou day tour, because Suzhou itself is a watertown. A full day is enough to experience its beauty. Pls check the mail for quotation and tour itinerary.
Question Source>Shenyang Tours :I will be at Shenyang on 5th, next month, and free on 7th and 8th. I want to have a tour in .Shenyang. any suggestions? Beside, I would like to have a budget tour, only need one guide. We can take taxi. Is it available? I'll pay for the entrance fee of the tour attractions. For the lunch, it will be ok that the guide can just take me to the local specialty restaurants.
Answer: Welcome to visit our website. Shenyang is an important city in east west China, boasting a long history. The Shenyang Imperial Palace is the most famous tour attraction in Shenyang. From your inquiry, we have learned that you want your Shenyang tour a cheap one, so we will just arrange one guide to accompany you and you will take taxi on your own during your Shenyang tour. I have sent the itinerary of the 2-day Shenyang tour in your email, please check!
Question Source>ShangriLa Tours :Sirs, Is it possible to visit Shangrila between 1.11. to 15.11. without being hit by snow. Is it possible to visit and drive through the tiger leaping gorge during the same time without snow? Thank you! Roger Moser
Answer: Well, because of its high altitude, Shangrila tour is easily effected by its weather, especially in winter time. The tour from Shangerila to Tiger Leaping Gorge will cost 2 hours drive. If it will be a snow during your tour will totally depend on your luck.
Question Source>Shenzhen Tours :Hi, I would like to know is there any 1 day tour of Shenzhen starting from either Hong Kong Train Station or ShenZhen train station? For the 1 day tour, can we visit places like "window of the world", "Splendid China-Folk Culture Village", "Happy Valley", "Da MeiSha and Xiao Meisha Scenic"? If have, can I know the price? It is for 3 adults. Thank You.
Answer: Hi, we would like to provide you a day tour of Shenzhen starting from Shenzhen train station. Because your time limit, you can not visit all the sites you mentioned just in one day. I have made a feasible tour itinerary to you according to your situation, please check.
Question Source>Shenzhen Tours :I would like to know the availability for 1-Day Shenzhen Highlights Tour of the China Folk Culture Village-the Splendid China on 16th February, 2010. I have 13 persons here, please quote me the best price&email me the full itinerary/time table as well.Thanks
Answer: Hello, this Shenzhen tour is available during your desired dates. I have made an tour itinerary and give the quotation on base of your 13 persons. Please check it in your mail.
Question Source>Shijiazhuang Tours :I am a bridge architect from Sweden. I will be in Shijiazhuang for an architectural conference on 9th April. I know from your website that there is an ancient bridge, Zhaozhouqiao just nearby Shijiazhuang. Please arrange for me ,I do not need the guide by the way.
Answer: Zhaozhouqiao Bridge is the masterpiece of Chinese ancient bridge architecture. It is only one hour's driving from Shijiazhuang. On our website, you can find the 1-day Zhaozhouqiao bridge tour in Shijiazhuang side trips, and you can make a booking directly. I think it is better to provide you an English-speaking guide for your convenient communication.
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