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Zhaoqing is a place contains a lots of attractive travel sites. It located in the west central of Guangdong Province, is a beautiful city with a long history of more than two thousand years. The city covers an area of 15,000 square kilometer, with a population of over 3.9 million. Recently, there is a Zhaoqing New Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone designed and constructed here. To the east there is Guangzhou & Foshan Economic Circle and to the west there is Pan Pearl River Delta. Its urban area is an important part of the cities of Pearl River Delta.

It takes only one hour's ride from Zhaoqing to Guangzhou. One of the city's major places of natural beauty and historical interest is Star Lake and other areas of picturesque beauty include the Seven-Star Cliff and Dinghu Mountain. Their hills and lakes form the area known as Limerock Pinnacle. In addition, there are such tourist sights as Chongxi Pagoda, Song Township Walls, Tower for Reviewing the River and Baogong (the upright Judge) Memorial Temple. Leather goods and local beverages have captured a

sizeable share of the domestic market. Yunfu is one of the countries biggest areas of sulphur and iron production. The city enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 22.1 C (71.8 F). The rainfall is concentrated in the period from April to September. In early winter, the weather is sloppy and it may be affected slightly by typhoons in summer and autumn. The northern mountain area experiences frost and snow in winter. In Zhaoqing, the lion dance and the dragon dance are the most popular performances in various ceremonies and festivals. It is a travel destination without summer heat and winter chilliness. Visitors could go there anytime of the whole year.

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