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Shamian Island (Samin Island), formerly known as Shameen Island, from its Cantonese pronunciation .Shamian Island is a reminder of Guangzhou’s colonial history and covers an area of 24,000 sq meters at the side of the Pearl River. It is not a true island, the name Shamian means sandbank, and it is now connected to the rest of the city by a series of bridges. After 1949, the mansions of Shamian became government offices or apartment houses and the churches were turned into factories. Beginning in 2007, the Chinese government slowed the rate of adoptions, and as a result the percentage of tourists to Shamian Island who are Westerners has decreased as well.

The territory of Shamian was divided into two concessions given to France and the United Kingdom by the Qing Dynasty government in the 19th century. From the mid 18th to the mid 19th century, Shamian was the only place where foreign merchants were allowed to live in Guangzhou. The large villas and shady tree lined avenues that were constructed then have a faded charm and create a contrasting atmosphere to much of the city.
While most of Guangzhou is battling along at breakneck pace Shamian is merely ambling. Along the river, the park area is a great place for people watching and tea drinking. Or walk along the wide sidewalks and dine in the open-air under the old trees.
Location: Guangzhou; Opening Hours: 24 hours; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802

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Name:Enjoy Shamian Island Reply

I regularly visit Shamian Island in Guangzhou, and it is a place to wander around and feel the atmosphere of years ago. There are many places to eat, sit and watch the river traffic or just savour the view.

Name:Re: Enjoy Shamian Island

A nice place to walk around, take pictures, and eat. It's amazing that this little island has kept its European influences in food and architecture.