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Seven Star Crags, located to the north of Zhaoqing City in Guangdong Province, attract travelers come to visit every year. The lake covers about 8 square kilometers with the seven crags clustered together in an amazing natural formation. Seen from afar and at a height, the Crags, encircled by the expanse of blue water resemble "The Big Dipper". The lakeside Crags are overgrown on one side with dense foliage typical of the South China landscape. The Star Lake is actually composed of five lakes of different sizes, linked by the winding green

embankment. The Seven-Star Crags is famous for its "lush scenery, majestic cliffs and fascinating caves". The inner lake encircling the crags is the smallest one with a lower water level compared with the other lakes. Within its bounds, there are small gardens, lotus boats, a pavilion and an iron-chain bridge. The four outer lakes are linked with one another by water are as clear and smooth as a mirror with the banks covered with flowers. Among them the most famous are Heiyan and Shuangyuan Caves, which were

formed by the erosion of the limestone by underground spring water. The Star Lake is partitioned into five lakes of different sizes by the winding green embankment. The inner lake encircling the crags is the smallest one, with lower water level as compared with the other four lakes. Within its perimeter, there are small gardens, a pavilion, a pond where the fish can be seen swimming, lotus boats, an iron-chain bridge etc. Here's some guide information in your travel of Seven Star Crags : Address: East of Lijiang, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. Contact number: 0086-0758-2711740     Admission Fee:CNY50   Opening Hours: 08:00-19:00

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