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Gaodi Street Shopping Center Guide

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Beijing road pedestrian mall collects many famous chinese or foreign brand franchised shops. Go through the bustling beijing road, you get to known ancient commercial street——Gaodi Street Shopping Center. the old crushed granite found on the ground often and those old houses of water-worn grey brick structure imply its long history. Gaodi Street has now about 1100 individual operators, of which external sole-business and local-external cooperative business account for above 70%, most are from chaoshan and hailufeng, some are from fujian and guangxi. Most of them start with wholesale of garments, leather products and small articles for daily use. along with the growth of business a considerable part of shopmen in the past have owned large factories, cars and houses, and business is very prosperous.

"Gaodi Street Shopping Center" overlooks the pearl river in the south and is adjacent to guangzhou merchandise building, xindaxin company, and famous dress shops on xihu road in the north, within walk of beijing road shops, guangdong provincial foreign trade center, guangzhou hotel and tai kang plaza. In recent years some new residential and office buildings are constructed nearby and constitute commercial network with Gaodi Street Shopping Center. Gaodi Street Shopping Center is only 500m away from haizhu square station of metro no.2 line, and long haizhu square goes directly to haizhu bridge and jiangnan ave.
Location: Guangzhou; Opening Hours: 24 hours; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickect:Free

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