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Lotus Hill Park is located in Shenzhen city, Shenzhen, the northern end, the whole park covers an area of ' 166.14 hectares. Park, with its fresh, beautiful and dignified beauty, rustic style to attract the famous bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping.A large number of visitors, is a scenic, environmental clean resort. Lotus Hill Park to build on October 10, 1992, June 23, 1997 officially partially open. Directly under the city of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Management Office leadership. Development and construction of the park has been open to visitors to the area of 60 hectares. Green,nature, harmony is the keynote of the whole park.
 Located in Park Square, the main peak of the hill, elevation 106 meters, covering an area of 4,000 square meters. Comrade Deng Xiaoping statue stands in the middle of the square, the statue six meters high, 7 tons of bronze casting, 3.68 m high base. Dynamic modeling of a statue of Deng Xiaoping big step forward in walking stance. Four bronze statue by the famous sculptor Bail an hygiene collective creation, Shanghai shipyard foundry.

Comrade Jiang Semen as the bronze statue inscription, and on November 14, 2000 for the bronze statue of himself unveiled a panoramic view of the central area. Now, the Peak Galleria has become the general public and foreign visitors to cherish the memory of a great man style, enjoy views of the central area the best place. Park South area has to plant palm-based, with tropical and subtropical scenery of 80,000 square meters of coconut forest lawn, providing a beautiful environment for visitors to the activities of 30,000 square meters of space artificial lake water is clear, beautiful environment, the park adds to the aura, so that visitors to enjoy the fun of boating and fishing. To build 160,000 square meters southeast of a large area of grassland and micro-topography-based Kite Square, people flying kites here in Shenzhen has become a major cultural landscape; on the southeast slope planted ten thousand Poinciana, when summer When Poinciana flowers, popular mountain is very spectacular mountain Lotus natural landscape. Northeast area of ' nearly 15 million square meters of woodland grass, rolling lawns and a wide variety of natural variety of trees and shrubs, to provide nearby residents of a beautiful leisure, recreation green space.

North Village and Lotus northwest relative area ofnearly 70,000 square meters of grass, trees planted bread, fire wood, Hainan red bean, wind Suzuki, Indonesia and other exotic species and the comb large areas of coral peach. Park also has a floral center, as people love flowers offers a good place to buy flowers. Kite Square Lotus Hill Park is located in Shenzhen City, the northern end of the next center. Lotus majestic mountain is not steep, just 532 meters above sea level. Wanting meandering along the mountain path and the line slowly, visitors can enjoy the fun of climbing, and no climbing of exhausted. Standing on the marble flooring of the top platform, leaning against the granite railing, looking down near the Fustian District, there is a sense of heaven and earth, looking at row upon row of modern city buildings, there will be "in excellent shape for Ling, list of Little Mountain "of Hinge.

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