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Lotus Mountain is the famous scenic area in Guangdong Province. Located at the riverside of Lion River, the mouth of Pearl River, Panyu District, Lotus Mountain consists of 48 red hills and has a maximum elevation of 108 meters, covering the area of 2.54 square kilometers. On the mountain there is a Kylin Peak, and the Lotus Mountain is named after the rock which is like lotus in shape on the kylin Peak. In 2002, Lotus Mountain was named "Panoramic View at Lotus Peak" and was listed as one of the eight new scenic spots of Guangzhou. With the reputation ofGuangdong Great Wall, the Lotus Mountain is of great military importance in history.

Lotus Mountain, in ancient times, as a quarry by several hundred years of mining, Lotus hill or cliffs, or rocks of different holes, or Saga, or the magnificent tall and straight, forming a combination of natural and artificial unique landscape, can be called no more wonder than this in Lingnan.
The main scenic spots there are Lotus Rock, Swallow Rock, Baxian Rock, Statue of Guanyin,Guanyin Rock and Stone Gallery, so on and so forth. While the most attractive place for the tourists may be the One-hundred Fu Gallery, ancient Lotus Tower , and the Statue of Guanyin.

It belongs to the tropical and subtropical climate. The Pearl River Delta region is a "three winter without snow, often spent the four seasons" area, especially in spring and autumn is the golden season of tourism. Guangzhou is located in subtropical, summer without heat and winter cold-free all year round climate. Spring to be able to enjoy the peach, for blossoms in full bloom, the Big Dipper Zhengyan reinfusion beauty; June to August Lotus Mountain to not only be able to enjoy the lush green trees Mt.Lianhua beauty, but also in the water within the water park, play, while a taste of the "Lotus Festival", the tens of thousands of peace and prosperity bloom lotus beauty competition. Lotus Mountain now is like to build a barracks-ching, visitors can experience here in the Qing Dynasty in the barracks of the status of flavor, distinctly recall events during the Opium War.

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