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Canton Tower, the new landmark building of Guangzhou is a must-go scenic spot for tourists. 600 meters above sea level, Canton Tower, which is the highest TV tower of the world, tops the city skyline. In the tourist hall at the top of the tower, you can get a panoramic view of the spectacular city landscape.
Here had been a long discussion about the naming of the Canton Tower since the commencement of its construction in 2005 after the groundbreaking ceremony. It was originally called “Haixin Tower”( literally: "Tower in the Sea") ,which is related to the Maritime Silk Road . But it was considered considered obscure to people unfamiliar with the history of the city. Local residents also endowed it with some nicknames including "Slim Waist", "Twisted Firewood"(a metaphor for "stubborn" in Cantonese) and "Yangdianfeng"(literally: "Peak of the Ram City").

Once you step into the elevators in the 7.2-meter-high tower bottom, you begin your remarkable tour of the tower. High-speed double-deck elevators fly from the tower bottom to the top at ten-minute intervals. At a speed of five meters per second, the elevator will take you to the top at 433 meters within less than one and a half minutes. As the elevator rises, you can appreciate the shrinking view of city landscape through the elevator's transparent glass door.
The thrilling moment comes once you step into the tourist hall at the top. Standing at the highest point of the city, you feel as if the the sky and clouds are at your fingertips. Through the 360°circular ground glass, you will be shocked at the breathtaking view of the city. If you have the "audacity", you can step into the transparent viewing corridor. Through the transparent glass floor under your feet, you may feel your heart beating and pulse racing when your look all the way down to the tower bottom.

There are many features of it worth of your attention:
1, The tallest TV tower (600 meters ) in Asia, comprising a 450-meter main body and a 150-meter aerial mast.
2, The longest vertical and rotary aerial ladder, above 160 meters high, consisting of 1000-odd steps.
3, The highest revolving restaurant (424 meters above), which can hold 400 guests to enjoy gourmet food from home and abroad.
4, It has the highest 4D movie theater.
5, It has the highest open-air viewing platform (450 meters above), with an area of 54m*40m.
6, It has the highest horizontal ferris wheel on the periphery of the platform, and offers tourists a dream-like bird view of Guangzhou City.

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