Venezuela unveils pavilion plot

    Venezuela unveiled the design of its national pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, symbolizing "sustainability, anticipation and democracy" with the theme "Better Life, Better City." The 3,000-square-meter pavilion will be in the geometric shape of a "Mobius strip," or an inverted cylinder. The houses depicted ways of life characterized by solidarity, living together, balance and respect for the environment -- concepts that should be embraced by all modern cities, said Teran.

    The Yanomami, a South American Indian tribe that has thrived in the rainforests of South America for thousands of years, would perform in the pavilion, and welcome visitors to the Venezuela Pavilion, said Facundo Teran, its chief architect. The pavilion will also highlight other indigenous inhabitants of the country. Traditional Ethnic community houses, such as Yanomami huts, or shaponos, will be built in the pavilion. The exhibition area will feature two-way audiovisual transmissions via satellite between Shanghai and Venezuela. A live program of Venezuelan events will be broadcast. A children's orchestra will perform regularly in a 286-seat theater of the pavilion. Venezuelans will also be able to see what's happening in the Expo pavilion from large screens installed around their country.