Shanghai Expo to Set Up Pavilion for the Disabled

    The upcoming World Expo 2010 in Shanghai will have a pavilion for disabled persons, the first in the World Expo's 160-year history, which is expected to attract 600,000 visitors during next May to October.

    The pavilion, titled "sheng ming yang guang", or life sunshine, will cover 1,200 square meters within the expo's theme pavilion. It has been jointly sponsored by the China Disabled Persons Federation (CDPF) and Shanghai Disabled Persons Federation, which released the pavilion's emblem, a seven-colored leaf, and mascot, a sunshine bird, in Beijing Thursday.

    According to vice-president of CDPF, Wang Xinxian, the pavilion will emphasize on eliminating discrimination and effort to make cities friendlier to the disabled. Meanwhile they will host various activities like performances and art exhibitions of the disabled during the World Expo. The site is divided into four parts, introducing the future life of the physically-challenged persons in the cities and their aspirations for a better life. It will also show the endeavor made by the Chinese government to enhance human rights.