General Introduction of Expo 2010 Shanghai

"Better City, Better Life", theme of Shanghai Expo 2010, manifests the very best common wish of the whole mankind for a better unban living environments in the future. The urban inhabitants have increased inevitably as the number of global population grows and the society develops. Statistics by UN shows that people dwelling in cities account for larger portions, about 55 percents, among the whole world population.

The Expo will provide all participants with immense opportunities to display the gaining results, exchange experience of urbanization and explore more theories and strategies to a sustainable development of eco-friendly society. The theme is enhanced by sub themes below to provide an overwhelming educational and entertaining platform for visitors:

- Blending of diverse cultures in the city (promote the harmonious coexistence of multicultural cultures, as well as the integration cultural identification)

- Economic prosperity in the city (Based on the innovation and creativity of people, and the harmony of economic developments and environment)

- Remodeling of communities in the city (Create community with he following characteristics: a reasonable residents composing, reasonable housing ownership structure, improve infrastructure, pleasant accommodation and environment, sufficient employment and opportunities for establishing business, as well as profound social cohesion)

- Interactions between urban and rural areas (Center on the harmonious developments between urban cities and rural areas)