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Western Hills, which lie as a beauty in the western suburbs of Kunming, is also called 'Sleeping Buddha Hills', because it looks like a giant sleeping Buddha from a distance. It is also said that the Western Hills look like a sleeping beauty with her hair drifting into the lake and the lake is formed from her tears while she's awaiting for her lover. The hills stretch for 40 km from north to sourth with an elevation of 1900-2350 meters above sea level. It stretches from the Huating Temple to the Longmen (or Dragon Gate), incorporating mountains, structures from the Ming and Qing dynasties and forests

of pine and fir trees. There are wonderful scenic spots in Western Hills, such as Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing Temple, and Dragon Gate. The Huating temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples in Yunnan, is a wooden structure, famous for colorful statues in the style of both Buddhism and Taoism. A short distance away from the Huating temple is the Taihua Temple, on the mountain of the same name. The range of pavilions and mansions that line the area are connected with covered corridors and surrounded by ancient trees and orchids. The Taihua temple is known for peace and

tranquility, There are also several grottoes in the Western Hills, including those of Longmen near Datiange and the Taoist grottoes in Yunnan. These are thought to have taken 72 years to build these grottoes in the Qing dynasty, as a feat of cultural achievement. The people of Western Hills generally celebrate on the 3rd of March, as a time to appreciate the coming spring. Some guide information when travel to Western Hills
Location: Western Hills Scenic Resorts, Kunming         Tickets: RMB30/Person         Opening hour: 08:30-18:00

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