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Jiuxiang Scenic Spot Guide

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Jiuxiang, a member of the International Union of Speleology (IUS), is ninety kilometers from Kunming City and twenty-eight kilometers from the famous Stone Forest. Karst caves are its major attraction, but outside the caves, the scenic area blends natural scenery, a rich cultural landscape and ethnic customs into one.

The Jiuxiang Karst Caves encompass sixty-six caves of all sizes. They include Wolong Cave, which is spacious, grand and deep, Baixiang Cave, Fairy Palace, Dasha Dam Cave, which is filled with magnificent stalactites, Sanjiao Cave, and Laoku Hole, which represents a geologically interesting combination of vertical and horizontal corrosion. Outside Jiuxiang Karst Caves, the natural scenery around Soul-Stirring Gorge, Wolong Cave and Bat Cave is also attractive. The area also features the residence sites of ancient people and cliff engravings by the ancestors of the Yi nationality.

How to get there: Buses: Tourists can take the regular buses at North Bus Station, Juhuacun Bus Station, and East Bus Station to get to Yiliang County first (CNY 8). Then they can change buses to Jiuxiang Scenic Spot (CNY 6). Admission: CNY 90

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