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The Golden Temple, the largest copper temple in China weighing about 250 tons, is located seven miles away northeast from Kunming. The temple is also known as Tongwa Temple which is literaly translated as Bronze Tile Temple. The Golden Temple, an imitation of that of Wudang Mountain, was a Taoist temple built in Emperor Wanli's reign in the Ming Dynasty. The hall is twenty-one feet high with two tiers and twenty-five feet wide, made of a weathered marble with dark patina showing its age, as over 370 years old. There is a statue of the Zhengwu Emperor, accompanied by a Gold boy and girl

in front of an alter resting inside the Temple. A statue of a fierce tortoise and a snake stand guard over the altar, and these were thought to have been moved to the hill in 1637. It is one of the largest bronze works in China (at 250 tons), first built in 1602 and recast 69 years later. The Golden Temple's park takes up over 133 hectares on the Mingfeng Mountains, though much of this area is overgrown and vegetated. The mountain was named so because peacocks, which is related with pheonix, were frequenters on the mountain. The mountain is blissed with beautiul lakes and ponds as well as

dense forests. Within the Golden Temple, lots of cultural relics were displayed to show the story of the temple and furthermore the history of copper in humav civilization.. The area is a site of great historical interest and heritage, and a fantastic tourist site for Kunming, as well as being used for exhibitions, such as the '99 International Horticultural Exposition.
Some guide information of the Golden Temple         Contact number: +86  871-5018306         Opening Hours: 07:00 to 19:00         Location: Mingfeng Mountain, Northeast Suburbs, Kunming City         Ticket: CNY20

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Hi, dose Golden Temple worth to see? I’m planning 1 day trip in Kunming next week.

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Very beautiful Chinese temple! very authentic...the atmosphere is peaceful, the park is nice.. we were there in Sunday and saw a group of people singing Opera/song. there are local people making exercise, singing and playing games... One of the most beautiful Chinese temples I have ever seen - highly recommended.