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The Stone Forest, located near eighty-six kilometers away from Kunming city, is considered as a wonder of the world because of its imposing natural landscape. It contains layers of hills and the rising stone peaks of the 'forest'. The most wonderful attractions for both foreign and domestic tourists in this area are the following eight scenic spots: Large and Small Stone Forests, Naigu Stone Forests, Large and Small Zhiyun Caves, Qingfeng Cave, Long Lake, Moon Lake, Fairy Lake, Feilong Falls. There are many legends and folklore regarding to the stone forest, including the legends of "Ashima"

and the Torchlight Festival of the Sani people, which take place on the 24th June each year and involves with folk dances and wrestling competitions, and the "Axi Dance under Moonlight" of the Yi people. Walking through the Stone Forest, visitors marvel at the natural stone masterpieces and are bewitched by the intricate formations. There are three main areas in the Stone Forest; the Greater, Lesser and Outer Stone Forests. In the Greater Stone Forest, the formations resemble a myriad of animals, birds, flowers and trees. The Lesser Stone Forest is adjacent to the Greater, and contains

large gardens with verdant growths of bamboos and mountain flowers in the seasons of Spring and Autumn, including the "Stone Singing Praises of Plums". The Outer Stone Forest contains various shapes of Stone peaks, most notably the Lion Hill, where a boulder of a squatting lion on a peak. Some guide information when travel to the Stone Forest 
Location: Stone Forest National Scenic Resort, Kunming          Tickets: CNY 140         Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00

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How long will a visit to Stone Forest take?

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Most people spend a couple of hours or so at the Stone Forest, but it depends how far you want to walk to get away from the crowds. It will take about 2 hours drive from Kumning downtown to Stone Forest.