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Dianchi Lake and Daguan Park Guide

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The Dianchi Lake, also Dian Laike, is the largest lake in Yunnan Province with an area of over 370 square kilometers, which makes it the sixth largest freshwater lake in China. Dianchi Lake is located five kilometers away in the southwest of Kunming City, which is famous travel destination and health resort together with West Hill to the west of the lake. It covers an area of 330 square kilometers with the average depth of five meters and the deepest 8 meters. The lake, with the reputation as 'A Pearl on the Plateau', is divided by a natural east-west sand dyke into two lakes which are named as Outer

Lake and Inner Lake seperately. Over twenty rivers, including Panlong River and many others, flow into the Dianchi Lake from the south, north and east. The lake is a lively and bustling place, with traditional boats till sailing up and down it, and men fishing in the lake to sustain their livelihood. However, the bustle is still soothing, a relaxing break from the bustle and noise of the city. To the north of the lake, the Daguan Park (Grand View Park) is a short distance away from the Western mountains. Daguan Park locates on the shore of Dianchi Lake and faces the Western Hills which are on the other side of Dianchi

Lake. In 1682, a monk named Qianyin built a small temple here to give Buddhist lessons; eight years later, in 1690, the satrap of Yunnan Province Wang Jiwen was attracted by the beautiful natural views here and began to construct a whole park including many halls, pavilions, bonsais, rockeries, trees and porches. Daguan Park became an attraction from then on and the most famous spot among them is the Daguan Pavilion.
Location: east foot of West Hill, Kunming          Opening hours: 8:00-17:00          Ticktes: RMB10/Person(Daguan Park)

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