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Purple Mountain Guide

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Purple Mountain is located on the eastern side of Nanjingin Jiangsu province, China. It is 447.1 m high, with the lowest point 30 m. Its peaks are often found enveloped in mysterious purple and golden clouds at dawn and dusk, hence its name. Purple Mountain is known as the “lung of Nanjing” and for good reason. This massive, forested park area situated within Nanjing boasts fresh and cool air compared to the muggy, polluted city center.

A small mountain with an area about 20 square kilometres, Purple Mountain is a mountain related to many historical events of both ancient and modern China. It was originally known as Bell Mountain and also became known as Mount Jiang after Sun Quannamed Jiang Ziwen, an Eastern Han official whose spirit was said to haunt the site, as the mountain's god during the Three Kingdomsera.
More than 200 heritage and scenic tourist sites are now located in or around the mountain, among which include three national historical sites, nine provincial historical sites, and 33 prefectural historical sites. Located in or close to the hillside of Purple-Gold Mountain, there are also about a dozen national research institutes and universities. Most can be reached by bus and some require a short hike as well.

Ming Xiaoling Scenic Area
Ming Xiaoling; Plum Blossom Hill; Purple Cloud Lake
Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum:
Sun Yat-sen Museum ; Music Stage
Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-sen
Linggu Temple Scenic Area:
Linggu Temple and Linggu Pagoda; Beamless Hall; Tomb of Tan, Yankai
Meiling Villa
Purple Mountain Observatory
Underwater World

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