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Huaxi Village, with exceptional geographic and traffic advantages, is located in the center of Yangtze River Delta, passed through by highway along river and Chengdong Road, such surrounding big-medium cities as Wuxi, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, etc. can be reached in more than one-hour’s drive.
Since its establishment before 40 years, it has gradually developed into a large-scale and developed village under the leadership of Wu Renbao, a famous model worker as the secretary of Huaxi Village, with the spirit of self-dependence and arduous struggle. In the early of 1990s, it was first awarded as the titles of “Villa Village”, “Car Village”, “Computer Village”, etc., and now, it owns 40 national first titles.

Nowadays, it has created the prosperous development on beautiful sceneries, a happy life and economic constructions. At present, twelve corporations are established in the village with total assets of over RMB 16 billion. Its sales income was over 40 billion in 2006.There are various products of more than 1,000 varieties and 10,000 specifications in agriculture, industry, commerce, construction and tourism of the group, well sold nationwide. Meanwhile, “Huaxi Village” is appraised as Well-known Trademark in China, and A-share stock of Huaxi Village had been listed in Shenzhen in 1999, and was praised as the “First Share in Rural Areas of China”. Today, villagers are resident in villas, with an area of 400-600m2, assets of over RMB 1-10 million and one or three cars.

Since June 2001, a Great Huaxi Village, with an area of over 35km2 and a population of 350,000 (including more than 50,000 external staffs), was built through the joint development with 20 peripheral villages. With decades of development, Huaxi Village has been appraised as the “First Village in the World” by people from all walks of life.

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