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Nanjing Municipal Museum Guide

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Nanjing Municipal Museum, the first large national comprehensive museum in China, is located in the south of Purple Mountain, Nanjing City and the south of Zhongshan Gate, taking an area of 70,000m2, with two exhibition halls (history exhibition hall and for art exhibition hall) taking 35,000m2 construction area, both of them being splendid palatial architecture stimulating the architectures in Liao Dynasty, trees and grasses full of the museum decorated by various stone inscription relics, with cultural landscape and natural landscape formed a delightful contrast.

National Government established national central museum with Cai Yuanpei as the first chairman of board of directors according to proposal of Chinese modern democratic revolution and educationist Cai Yuanpei in 1933. It was designed to start the construction of three exhibition halls for culture, technique and nature in 1936 but stopped for the war. Until the early 1950s, central government repaired and expanded cultural exhibition hall, namely current history exhibition hall. After establishment of the People's Republic of China, it was still called as national central museum led by Ministry of Culture; it was renamed as national Nanjing Municipal Museum in March, 1950, firstly affiliated to Bureau of Cultural Relics of Ministry of Culture, and later affiliated to Culture Department of East China Administration Committee; then affiliated to Bureau of Culture of Jiangsu Province since 1954; consolidated with Nanjing Municipal Museum, Jiangsu Provincial Museum and Relics Administration Committee of Jiangsu Province in the name of Nanjing Municipal Museum in 1959. Since establishment of the museum to 2007, the directors of Nanjing Municipal Museum include: Xu Pingyu, Zeng Zhaoyu, Yao Qian, Liang Baiquan, Xu Huping, and Gong Liang.

Nanjing Municipal Museum is deputy department wholly institution, setting 14 departments including office, human resources organization department, security department, archaeological research institute, ancient art research institute, national folklore research institute, cultural relics protection research institute, ancient architecture research institute, exhibition art research institute, storeroom, relics collection department, editorial department, service department and library, and affiliating “Jiangsu Station of National Exit Inspection and Quarantine for Cultural Relics” and “Jiangsu Provincial Antique Shop”.

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