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Mount Huaguo, literally meaning Mount of Flowers and Fruit, is located in Yuntai, seven kilometers southeast of Lianyungang City. It lies 625 meters above sea level and covers an area of 84.3 square kilometers, with 136 peaks. The area is a popular tourist attraction as a result of its appearance in the well-known Chinese novel Journey to the West
This mount, located in the country of Ao-lai in the Eastern Continent of Superior Deity also known as “Purvavideha Continent” in Anthony C. Yu’s translation, had been featured as the birthplace of Sun Wukong (or the Monkey King), the main character within the novel. This mountain specifically holds many demons and monkeys in its population. Within this rather large mountain, many various areas remain hidden; one of such being the Water Curtain Cave. After the brave Sun Wukong rushed through a large waterfall and made it to this cave, every individual in the mountain acknowledged Wukong as their king.

After Wukong becomes the mountain’s king, this mountain became exceedingly civilized and well trained for various future conflicts such as war. Such a trait is easily seen when Wukong left this mountain for reasons such as protecting the Tang priest Sanzang. Due to the natural and civilized ways of this mountain set by Wukong, this mountain would effectively continue to thrive even after 500 years of conflict.
Huaguo Mountain is situated in Yuntai, Lianyungang City. Rising 625 meters above sea level in the Yuntai Mountains of Lianyungang, Huaguo Mountain has secluded, deep caves, flowers, and fruits. The novel of Journey to the West sets the mountain as its backdrop. There are many scenic spots that are closely related to the novel. Pagodas and temples were erected there during the Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties.

Mount Huaguo is a popular tourist attraction, with over 100 scenic spots and thousands of visitors every year, especially because of its role in Journey to the West. Since the novel is very influential and popular in China, the mountain has many statues based on its heroes, such as a sculpture of the head of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, one of the novel's most powerful characters, who was also said to be born on the mountain. Near the entrance stand sculptures of the four main heroes, along with 109 stone monkeys welcoming visitors as they enter and six stone lions guarding the place. Other attractions related to Sun Wukong include Monkey Stone, Water Curtain Cave, Sanyuan Palace, Yuvu Peak and the South Gate of Heaven, etc.

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