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Mochou Lake and Mochou Lake Park are located at Shuiximenwai Da Jie in the Jianye District of Nanjing, China. The name of Mochou Lake originated from a beautiful woman called Mochou, which means "do not worry" in Chinese, from the Liang dynasty who committed suicide to prevent herself from being married to an undesirable man.

Since the early Ming Dynasty, Mochou Lake was gradually developed into a famous garden, which was bestowed to Xu Da by the Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of Ming Dynasty, because he won his majesty while playing chess. Chinese folklore tells that the emperor and the general played the game regularly, and although the general was a great player, he always lost intentionally so as not to offend the emperor. Before long Emperor Taizu discovered the general's habit and ordered him to play normally. Needless to say, the general won. But while playing the general skillfully displayed the character 'wan sui,' meaning 'long life'. This feat pleased the emperor so much that he instantly gave Shengqi ('winning the game') Pavilion along with the Mochou Lake to his general. During the following dynasty, this garden was extended several times and many other pavilions were added..

Since 1929 Mochou Lake has been known as Mochou Lake Park. In 1953, Mochou Lake Park underwent major restorations, and the waterside pavilion and ready for ferry pavilion were built. The statue of Mochou was remodeled as well. The park is a collection of pools, gardens, and pavilions, and a stunning rock display.
As its name implies, the Mochou Lake Park is covered mainly by water with the total 900 acres. So the entertainments connecting with water are so popular, like dragon boats, gaily-painted pleasure boat, sailing boat, etc. Besides, the entertainments in land such as Children Pleasure Park, shooting, are also attractive.

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