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According to Travel Guide, Fuzhou West Lake is located in the northwestern part of the city covering an area of 45 ha. The park has a history of over 1,700 years up till today. It originated in the third year of Taikang, Jin dynasty, when the chief of the city Yangao led the water from the mountains in the northwest to irrigate the fields here.The lake in Fuzhou is located near Kaihua Temple in Kaihua Islet and the area is now used as gardens and a park. Located right near the Kaihua Islet is the Flying Rainbow Bridge that leads to Xie Ping Children's Entertainment Park.Upon entering the gate of the park. When you travel to West Lake, you will see a dyke lined by willow trees over the water leading directly to the Kaihua islet and along the shore of the lake, two pavilions on the water with winding corridors.

The willow landscape on fairy bridge has ever been one of the eighth spectacles of ancient west lake. Upon entering the gate of the park, you can see long banks beside the lake, bowing willows standing on the banks. The bank is willow bank, the middle of which is the bridge, i.e. fairy bridge. Both sides are planted with willows, peaches and bushes. The spring rain in tcenter of the lake is also one of the eighth spectacles of West Lake. Whenever spring rain falls thickly, you can have a boat travel on the lake, or appreciate the rain in the little pavilion in the center of the lake. Each has its own flavor.

There are many West Lakes in China. Among them, Fuzhou West Lake is one of the most famous lagging behind Hangzhou West Lake on scale and fame yet is regarded typical in China. In the third year of Emperor Tai Kang in Jin Dynasty (282AD), Governor Yan Gao channelled water here from the northwestern mountain areas to irrigate the fields. In the late Tang Dynasty, the place was changed into a travel area, thus the scenic spot of West Lake came into being and has remained a park ever since.
Here are some guide information about West Lake.The detail is following:
Address: Gulouqu District . Fuzhou
Admission Fee: Free
Opening hours: 09:00 a.m-17:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 591 83300119

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