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The Mountain Gu locates in the east suburb of Fuzhou, in the north Shore of Min River, is apart 8,000 meters of center area of the city. The name of the mountain comes from a large rock on the mountain that is shaped like a drum. In the hillside of the mountain there is an ancient temple named Spring-gushing Temple. The name was given due to the Luohan spring in front of the temple gushing out of the earth. The Spring-gushing Temple was initially built during year Kaiping , post Liang dynasty in Five Dynasties with the primary name "the house for prime minister". There are also hundreds of inscriptions on the cliff face of the mountain written in the Song Dynasty by various literates, a rarity in China.

Mountain Gu is a resort that has the history of more than 1,000 years, it is easily accessed from downtown Fuzhou in around 15-20 mins.There's a chair lift, which takes you to the first crown after which there's a gentle 15 minute walk to the temple. The whole temple includes Tianwang palace, Daxiong precious palace, fatang and 22 other palaces and they were built along the mountain. There are two pottery towers of thousands of Buddha in front of the temple. The name are gained owing to the 1038 Buddhist sculptures on the towers which were burnt and folded stratified by pottery earth in the fifth year of Yuanfeng. Beisong dynasty. If you want to travel in Mountain Gu, you can get some of history on Mountain Gu.

You can walk the hill comfortably in around 1hr 15 mins, it's 1900m high. Along the way, souvenir and food vendors litter the path. Be sure to buy drinks and snacks in the city before you head there as they're twice or three times the price on the hill. There's a nice temple at the top, housing over 900 national relics, mainly scrolls written in the monk's blood. It can be a really tough climb if it's hot and humid (April - October, but mainly June-Sep), so if you're not fit either don't attempt it or take a mian bao che (small van) to the top.
Want to travel to Mountain Gu? Here are some guide information about Gu Mountain. The detail is following:
Address: Gushan Town of Pu An District, Fuzhou
Admission Fee: 40RMB for p.p
Opening hours: 06:00 a.m-17:30 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 591 83300119

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