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Fuzhou National Forest Park Guide

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Fuzhou National Forest Park is situated in the north suburb of Fuzhou City, 7 kilometers away from the downtown area and. rare animals and exotic plants, blue water, flowing waterfalls, unusual rocky outcrops and stone carvings coexist in a harmonious blend of natural and manmade sights.  

Fuzhou National Forest Park is one of the ten biggest National Forest Parks in China and it is a 4A Grade sightseeing spot. It has more than 2500 kinds of precious trees in the world. The Long Tan Stream across through the park from North to South, along the stream, is the Cycad Garden, Palm Garden, Precious Plants Garden, Bamboo Garden and the Banyan Sight Garden. The Dry Land sledge is a very interesting fun game in this park. You can get there by taking bus 802, 945 and 947 from city center. Besides, there is a special line to the park directly in the Huarong Square. The Forest Park opens to public from 8:00 to 16:00 daily and free of charge.

The park is divided by Longtan brook into two parts. One is a tree viewing area that include cycad garden, palm garden, rare plant garden, tree viewing garden, potted landscape garden and banian garden; the other is a culture landscape area that include post road of Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.), the tomb of Liu Bingxin in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.) and Zhengxin temple.        

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