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Luoyang Bridge, Lugou Bridge (Beijing), Zhaozhou Bridge (Shijiazhuang) and Guangji Bridge (Chaozhou) are renowned as the four famous ancient bridges in China. Luoyang Bridge spans the Luoyang River from south to north in the southern suburb of Quanzhou. Luoyang Bridge is China's earliest stone beam bridge built at the seaport and is one of the state-level culture heritage protection units.
In ancient times, Luoyang Bridge was called Wan'an Bridge. Wan'an means being perfectly safe in Chinese. Near the bridge was a ferry terminal. When there was bad weather, local people could not be ferried safely to their destination. The locals prayed to cross the river safely so they called the terminal the Wan'an Ferry Terminal, hence the bridge's name Wan'an.

When the construction of Luoyang Bridge commenced, the powerful tidewater frustrated ten attempts to lay the foundation. The magistrate of the prefecture Cai Xiang then sent an officer to present his letter to the Sea God, asking for his advice, and received a one-word reply "Venigar". After a hard contemplation, Cai Xiang worked out the hidden meaning in the Chinese word "Venigar" and realised that Sea God suggested the work date on the 21st that month. Then, on that very day, stone was thrown into the river and foundation was laid successfully. Hence, the saying "The Luoyang Bridge is a work of wonder, unique in the world" and "you may not believe a gentleman but you may well have belief in the Venigar". After the founding of the People's Republic of china, the Luoyang Bridge has been preserved as a historic relic while a new bridge was built northwest to it. With two bridges lying parallel like two rainbows, the view is even more splendid.
Location: Quanzhou city, Fujian; Opening Hours: 08:30-18:00; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickets: CNY 5

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