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Lin Zexu Memorial Hall Guide

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Lin Zexu Memorial Hall was built to commemorate Lin Zhu, a Fuzhou native who was a national hero. He was responsible for stopping the Opium Trade in 1939 and confiscated and destroyed more than1000 kilograms of opium at Humen beach. The memorial hall was built in 1982, at that time it was called Hall of Master Lin, on the Women's Road in the city. Inside the memorial hall there is an Inscription Pavilion that has three stone tablets, which have the imperial edict, funeral oration and biography of Lin Zexu inscribed on each face. On the screen wall facing the gate of the memorial is a large relief sculpture of Burning Opium at Humen and above the gate is a horizontal board inscribed with Memorial Hall of Mr. Lin.

On either side of the corridor are displayed over 20 boards inscribed with the official posts Lin Zexu once held. The Yubei Pavilion is a square pavilion with three stone tablets bestowed by the emperors arranged in a triangle shape. The one in the middle is an imperial edict of condolences bestowed to Lin's dependents by Emperor Xianfeng (r.1831-1861) of the Qing Dynasty on learning about Lin's death, the left one is an elegiac article conferred by the emperor, and the right one is a stone tablet engraved with the emperor's handwriting. The Shude Hall is the main hall of the memorial with Lin Zexu's statue in official costume seated in the middle of the hall and a horizontal board inscribed with Happiness and Longevity written by Emperor Daoguang (r.1782-1852) of the Qing Dynasty above the statue. The Quchi Building has been turned into an exhibition hall.

The main purpose of the memorial is to reflect Lin Zexu's life story. The 120-odd exhibits include antithetical couplets, screens, fan coverings, letters, manuscripts and notes in Lin's own handwriting; and the things left behind him include the seals, ink sticks, and the red ink paste used for seals. The most precious relics are the manuscript of his finalized poems and the Property Division Paper handwritten by Lin Zexu's father Lin Binri. It is a pity that quite a number of important documents and archives are already lost.
Want to travel in Lin Zexu Memorial Hall in Fuzhou? Here are some guide information about Lin Zexu Memorial Hall. The detail is following:
Address: No.16 of Aomenlu, Gulouqu District, Fuzhou
Admission Fee: 5RMB for p.p
Opening hours: 07:00 a.m-17:00 p.m
Contact Hotline: 86 591 87622782

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