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Xinglong is a famous travel site on Hainan province for its fancy hotels and hot springs that are located near exotic tropical gardens. The botanical gardens of the area display the islands diversity of fauna. There are several waterfalls and granite rocks, as well as large lakes and colorful flowers that add to the beauty of the area. The park also displays the different types of life found in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. There are also several performances of music and dance. There are also pheasants of many colors on display as well as large Buddha statues and buildings with different architectural

styles form different parts of Asia. The Xinglong Hot Springs (Xinglong Wencun) are located in the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Village o­n the eastern outskirts of Wanning City. The springs are home to over a dozen springs, from which flow hot mineral water (average temperature of 60 degrees year round). The water here is said to have curative effects for those with skin diseases, arthritis and other illnesses. Wanning belongs to the tropical ocean monsoon climate, the yearly average temperature is about 24 ℃, you could come here all the year round. The coffee factory in Xinglong, built in 1952, was

the first after new China was founded in 1949, which is a great source of pride for Xinglong residents. Coffee has become a pillar industry there and attracted many visitors. Technicians of the local coffee factory said they used to dry coffee beans manually, but now they mainly use machines, although the manual drying method is still done. This is because many retired workers from the farm are still fond of coffee that is made with manually dried coffee beans. Here's some guide information in your travel in Xinglong : Xinglong Hot Springs Fee and Opening Hours  Contact number: 0086-898-66798968   Admission: CNY15  Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

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