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Tianya Haijiao is located right near the airport in Sanya. It is the most well-known travel site in Hainan. There are several huge stones located on the beach, with one of them displaying the words "Tianya" meaning "edge of the sky." The other huge stone near it displays the words "Haijiao" meaning "end of the sea." There is a popular Chinese song that uses these words in its lyrics: "Let's accompany each other until the end of time, until the end of the Earth" and has created a symbol for these rocks meaning friendship, love and life. The Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot sits on Maling Mountain facing the

sea. Walking along the seashore, you will see a stone carved with four characters Nan Tian Yi Zhu, which means 'a pillar standing in the southern part of the sky' in Chinese. The story goes that when the local fishermen's daily life was affected by terrible storms, and they could hardly catch the fish, two kind-hearted fairy maidens transformed themselves into two large stones and stood on the beach to shelter the fishermen. From that time fishermen were safe from storms whenever they went to sea. But the maiden's master, the Mother Goddess of Heaven, was so furious that she dispatched the Thunder God

to drag them back to Heaven. The two maidens refused, so the Thunder God broke them in two. One of them was thrown into the sea and the other one was left here. Near the remaining one lies another stone carved with the Chinese characters Hai Pan Nan Tian, which means 'the sea and the sky joined together'. It is the oldest stone inscription to be found here. Here's some guide information in your travel of Tianya Haijiao : Address:Sanya City, Hainan Province. Contact number: 0086- 898-88209345   Admission Fee: CNY 65  Opening Hours: 08:00 -18:00

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We’ll only be free in Sanya for half a day and the End of the Earth sounds great. Would it be possible that we have time to visit it?

Name:Re: End of the Earth

The End of the Earth is a most popular spot in Sanya. It’s not far from the airport, so it would be great if you can visit it. If you need any help, please feel free to contact.