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Nantian Hot Spring is a 5 star vacation area with the biggest hot spring in the open air in China. it has become a very well-known travel site for visitors both foreigh and home. The water in the hot spring contains calcium, fluorin, natrium, zinc, magnesium, kalium and other chemic elements and can bring the positive effect to the human body. It has been regarded as 'the Best Hot Spring Sites' in China. Nantian Hot Springs consists of 67 hotspring pools of different sizes and functions. A brand-new concept of healthy hotsprings recreation triggered by the exclusive "Three Elements" hotspring,

Silicic acid,fluorine and radon. The temperature of Nantian's terrestrial heat mineral water is 57 °C, which belongs to low-temperature terrestrial mineral water type. Content of fluorine in water is 2.04-7.7mg/L, silicic acid in water is 68.5-117.5mg/L, both are up to the naming standard of mineral density; radon content in warter is 44.36-59.86Bq/L, which is up to the standard of medical value density and can be tapped and used as medical hot mineral water. Spilling capacity of the hotspring is up to 10000m3/day ,and therefore this large scale medical hotspring is touted as the "No.1 Hotsprings of

China". The 67 hotsprings pools in different sizes and functions: waterfall pools, perfume pools, flora scent pools, Chinese herbal pools, ice springs pools, lover pools and "fish therapy" pools etc. All pools are designed amid the flora and woods to ensure absolute privacy. Indulging yourself into the pools, you will experience the real fun of hotsprings features. Here's some guide information in your travel of The Xinglong Tropical Garden: Address: Haikou City, Hainan Province. Contact number: 0086-898-31960383   Admission Fee: CNY108 for adult    CNY54 for children   Opening Hours: 08:00-20:00

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