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The Wanquan River Guide

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Wanquan River is the largest river in Hainan and is known as the Chinese Amazon River. Now it is a famous Red Travel site in China. The river originates in Five Finer Mountain and flows at a length of 163 kilometers. The beginning of the river is located among luscious peaks filled with different plants and animals. The lower areas of the river are located near ports. Along the river there are several scenic sports with views of the most beautiful landscapes of rivers, mountains and beaches. The river named as Chinese Amazon River, is the mother river in Hainan. The songs Wanquan River Water is Clear and Clear and I Love Wu Zhi Shan,

I Love Wanquan River are sung popularly in the whole China. Wanquan River is famous all the world. Wanquan River tourist zone that is provincial landscape zone takes the nature river scenery as its principal part, and its main function is tour, travel, entertainment and taking holiday. Wanquan River is mainly made up of Wanquan River tourism and entertainment dock, megalith Coconut Street, Shopping Street, Red Women Army Statue, ShaZhou lsland, and Wanquan River Big Dam. The tourist items include the big water sightsee yacht, motorboat, yacht, bamboo raft

and so on. Travel on Wanquan River, return to the nature, and together with the sky and earth, will bring you the most perfect and memorable travel all your life. With the help of loval guide, you can surely learn the famous revolution story and the oridinary people’s life there. Here's some guide information in your travel of Wanquan River: Address: Yanhe Road Qionghai City, Hainan Province. Contact number: 0086-898-62939152   Admission Fee: free   Opening Hours: 08:00 -18:00

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