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The Western Xia Dynasty Museum is located in the Western Xia Imperial Tomb zone, where nine imperial tombs and over 200 others are located. It is the first museum which uses the imperial tombs of Western Xia Kingdom as the background and displays the history and vicissitudes of Western Xia Dynasty truly. It covers an area of 5300 square meters with deep architectural styles of the Western Xia nationality, boasting a collection of 671 typical artifacts of Western Xia and 413 pieces of paper, magazine, monograph and articles.

Museum of the Western Xia regime is our country with the Western Xia regime royal cemetery is ground of setting, actual figure the first to reveal kingdom of the Western Xia regime to promote decline historical museum. Whole house covers an area of a face to accumulate 5300 square metre, type of close brim of tope of the Western Xia regime builds model, the style is chic, have the imposing manner of modern building already, with echo of photograph of hill area relics, formed rich people to build a style.

The museum features several artifacts from the Dangxia ethnic minority and the area is divided into six different sections, with each section focusing on a specific subject. The Western Xia Kingdom had created a rich heritage during its reign of over 190 years. Most of this had slowly faded into history once its rule was over. This display, featuring over 150 items, reflects the history, culture, art and architecture of Western Xia. Along with the accompanying murals and embossments, the exhibit reflects the great achievements of the kingdom and its influence on Chinese civilization.
How to travel in The Western Xia Museum, Here are some guide information about The Western Xia Museum.The detail is following:
Address: Helanshandonglu, Yinchuan
Admission Fee: CNY 20
Opening hours: 08:00 A.M-17:00 P.M
Contact Hotline: 86 951 6119581

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Name:Western Xia Tombs Reply

Is there any bus going to Western Xia Tombs? My friends and I want to go there for a visit. Is it far away from the city?

Name:Re: Western Xia Tombs

There is bus going to Western Xia Tombs from the city every half hour. You could take the bus from Crescent Square. It will be a 40 minutes drive to Western Xia Tombs.