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Sand Lake, located in Pingluo County of the Ningxia Autonomous Region, is one of the most exciting lakes to visit in China. It is about fifty-six kilometers (about thirty-five miles) away to the north of Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia. The lake occupies an area of over eighty square kilometers (about thirty-one square miles), including fourty-five square kilometers (about seventeen square miles) of lakes and over twenty-two square kilometers (about eighty square miles) of desert. If you love both the desert and the world of water, Sand Lake in northwest China is an ideal choice. This unique, natural

scenery attracts millions of visitors from China and abroad. There are several activities that one can do on or around the lake - including surfing and water motorcycling, as well as many different varieties of plant and animal life - home to more than 198 species of birds. Sand Lake is a paradise for the birdwatcher to observe birds. Every year during spring and autumn, over one million migratory birds stop at Sand Lake, including white cranes, black cranes, red-crowned cranes, swans, wild ducks and mandarin ducks. The Bird-watching Tower there equipped with the best telescopes can hold hundreds

of people. Sand Lake also has several species of fishes, such as all manner of carps. Shahu, Sand Lake, is a great travel destination and was chosen as awarded as one of the best places to visit in China. Some guide information of Sand Lake.
Location:  Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Province              Tickets: CNY 60 (Apr.1 – Oct.31); CNY 40 (Nov.1 – Mar.31)               Contact number: +86 952 6582801         Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

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Name:Sand Lake Reply

How long is the Sand Lake from Yinchuan? If we only have one day in Yinchuan, is it possible to go there?

Name:Re: Sand Lake

The Sand Lake is about 47 km from Yinchuan. You have enough time to go enjoy Sand Lake when you’re there. It’s really worthy of going.