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Cliff carvings Helan Mountain Guide

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The cliff carvings of Helan Mountain were created by Chinese nomads over 1000 years ago and found at Helankou, which is located about 50 Kilometers from Yinchuan city, Jinshan Village of Helan County in the center –section of Helan Mountain. The hill is high and steep and the elevation is 1,448 meters, also known with the popular name of “the notch mouth”. The scenery is serene and elegant in the mountain pass with peaks over peaks and the spring water flowing from the valley. There are about thousands of single figures rock of the precipices cliffs that are more than 600 meters.

The art pictures are rough and vigorous. They depict different scenes of hunting, grazing dancing and others beautiful and ancient scenes. The composition of a picture is simple and the posture is natural. The rock painting is made of cutting in different time. There are two methods, which are the chisel engraving and the burnish: The chisels engrave trace is clear but it is shallower. The burnish facture is first to chisel then burnish, where the line is thicker and deeper and the scoop channel is first to chisel then burnish, where the line is thicker and deeper and the scoop channel is bright and clean.

The famous Stone Mountain Laser Show Spectacular is a colorful lightshow of lasers projecting moving images of the Deep South as well as Georgia history onto the Confederate carving on the side of the mountain. The laser show is accompanied by a compilation of themed musical works. At dusk hundreds of onlookers sit upon the grassed hill celebrating their American and Southern heritages.The drawings depict religious sacrifices, animals and human images as well as knives, axes, stone chains, traps and carts. The works are a storehouse of early civilizations, with drawings that include astronomy and geography, ancient myths and genital worship.

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