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Songzang Lin Lama Temple Guide

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Songzanglin Lama Temple, also known as Guihua Temple, is located at the foot of Foping Mountain, about 5 kilometers from Shangri-la. It was built in 1679 as one of the thirteen Lama Temple which were built under the order of the Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. It was honored "pint-sized Pudala Palace"for it is not only the biggest Lama Lamasery complex, but also the center of Lama Religion in the area of Sichuan and Yunan. When you travel to the end of the grassland on the north of Zhongdian county, you will see a building complex afar, the gilded roof of the highest building is shining under the sunshine, which is the Songzanglin Lama Temple. It is said when they built the temple, they chosen the site with some springs according to the apocalypse from the God. Until now, you can also find the springs in the temple, flowing throughout the year. Zhachang and Jikang are the main temples, located in the highest point in the complex. These two temples face to south, in the Tibetan building style, about 5 floors. But the decrated animals on the roof of the building reflect the architecture features in Han Dynasty. The main building is supported by 108 big pillars, which represents the lucky number of Buddhism. The build can accommodate 1600 Lama to patter. There are two type of Lama in the temple Living Buddha and Zhaba. At present there are about 700 Lamas in Songzanglin Lama Temple. The transportation is very convenient with the newly bulit road from the county to the temple. With the unique Tibetan culture, the temple now attracts more and more people both of Lama believer and visitors to worship or just for sightseeing.
Location: Shangrila county, Yunan province.  Tickets: RMB65/Person for entrance.   Opening hours: 05:30-18:00   Contact number: + 86-10-85968802

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Is there Tibetan people coming to this Temple?

Name:Re: About Song Zang Lin Lama Temple

Song Zang Lin Lama Temple is an unique Tibetan culture temple, everyday there are many Tibetan people and buddists coming here.