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Golden Sand River Guide

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The Golden Sand River is situated on the upper reaches of Yangtze River in the northern Yunnan Province, runs between the Salween and Mekong Rivers. Between the rivers, are mountain peaks, which range from 3,300 meters to 5,600 meters, making it one of the world's deepest gorges. The Golden Sand River is about 2,316 kilometers, making the drainage area 340,000 Square Kilometers. With the fall more than 3300 meters, the water resource reach to 40% of which in the whole Yangtze River. It is difficult for shipping for the torrential water and dangerous gorges. Because of the rapid

water, the most of sand in Yangtze River comes from this river. As early as War Period about 2000 year ago, it was called Black Water; later the name was changed into Yingshui, Yanshui, and Lushui. Until Beiwei Dynasty, Lidaoyuan firstly described the river in his geographical literature, but could not tell the relation between the Golden Sand River and Yangtze River. In Song Dynasty, it gained the present name the Golden Sand River for many gold diggers appeared around this river. Until Ming Dynasty, the geographer put forward that the Golden Sand River is the upreach of Yangtze River after he visit the area personally. According to the legend told by local guide, the Golden Sand River wanted to marry the eastern sea but was forbidden by the jealous brothers Haba and Jade Dragon Snow Mountains.  One night, Haba, who was on duty to block her passage, fell asleep, where upon then Golden Sand River slipped past.  When Jade Dragon found out, he cut off Haba's head, leaving his peak shorter and flatter.
Location: from the northwest of Yunan province to Min River in Yibin of Sichuan Province.

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