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Mosuo people is a branch of Naxi ethnic group, living on the banks of Lugu Lake, in the border area between Yanyuan County of Sichuan Province and Ninglang County of Yunnan Province. The travel guide here will introduce you some features of Mosuo People. The Musuo people boost a unique and lively matriarchal culture, where they have many lovers but never marry. Mosuo culture is described as a matriarchal culture, in which women are the head of the house in many households, and property is passed though the female line. Traveling there, you will know the people more personally. The most

notable figure amongst the people is Ci'erzhima, considered the last queen of the Mosuo people. Ci'erzhima was born into a family of a senior military officer in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.  Even in the early years, during her stint at Ya'an Mingde Girl's Middle School, Ci'erzhima was recognized for her beauty and talent.  Later, she married La Baochen, the head of the Zuosuo Village of Musuo.  In the 60 years since then, she has held the reins of authority, administering the society's internal affairs, political, and economic affairs amongst the people. Here are some introduction for Musuo people's daily life. The Mosuo are primarily an agrarian culture, which is reflected in their daily life. The Mosuo are largely self-sufficient, able to raise everything they need, like crops or livestock. Muso people are famous for their preserved pork, which are salted or smoked and can be kept for about 10 years. Local economy tends to be barter-based. But with more interaction with outside world, cash is playing more frequently.
Location: Yunan province.  Tickets: RMB50/Person for entering the village.   Opening hours: 05:30-18:00   Contact number: +86 10 8596 8802

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