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Weifang World Kite Museum Guide

-Travel to Weifang World Kite Museum

Weifang World Kite Museum (formerly the Weifang Kite Museum), located in Weifang Kuiwen 66 Chief Street, completed in April 1989, is China's first large-scale kite museum, is currently building the world's largest kite museum professionals. Construction area of 8100 square meters, construction modeling selected centipede kites of Weifang leading features, the roof is a complete combination of ceramic dragon, peacock blue glazed tile roof paved, like a dragon who surf the sky V, the design style is unique in the country. Weifang World Kite Museum aims to collection, display all times of the kite and the kite heritage treasure of information. In a total of about 2,000 square meters of exhibition room, introduced the history of kites, classification, innovation, and Weifang International Kite Festival, Kite-sector overview of friendly contacts and Weifang.

The exhibition of more than 1000 kites just fine, more than 300 pieces of detailed information and pictures of kites artifacts, text, paintings, reproductions and so on, comprehensively and objectively demonstrated the Weifang Kite broad range of topics unique, sleek, rendering fine, colorful style, introduced the idea of the rich and generous, exaggerated shapes, color contrasts, focusing on flight performance, a high research value of foreign kites; repeat of the 1988 national representatives elected Weifang Kite "World Kite Capital" and the 1989 "International Kite Association "set up a major historical facts. Kite museum audiences at home and abroad every year receive three thousand passengers, has become the Weifang open an important window.
When we wander Weifang World Kite Museum, we walked into the art of Huang Ru the hall into the corridor Weifang folk culture. Here, gathered bright folk art Weifang fine. Coming here, we learned folk Weifang, Weifang learned the fine folk. Weifang fine folk, but also from here toward the country, toward the world.
Location: Minsheng Dongjie, Kuiwen, Weifang; Opening Hours: 8:00-17:30; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickets: CNY 30

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