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The Thousand Buddha Mountain, located not far south of downtown Jinan, is one of the key tourist attraction in Jinan City. The mountain occupies an area of 1.66 hectares ranging from east to west with the submit's elevation of 285 meters above the sea level and over 200 meters from the base. According to an ancient tradition, Emperor Shun - a mythical ruler of China in prehistoric times - had his garden located at the base of the mountain. The mountain was called Mt. Li in ancient times. In the early Sui Dynasty a great number of Buddhas were chiseled on the rocks of the mountain and the

Thousand-Buddha Temple was constructed and became famous soon, hence named the mountain the same with that of the temple. The Thousand-Buddha Temple was renamed as Xingguo Temple after renovation during Tang Dynasty which is located at the southern half hallside. The temple was built as many traditional Buddhist temples in China, but you could see Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism harmonize with each other in one courtyard. All throughout the mountain there are several Buddhist statues, placed on the slopes, in the Monastery and in grottoes, giving the mountain its

present name. These statues are over 1,400 years old. The Lishan Courtyard, you can see Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism harmonize with each other in one courtyard. The Wanfo Cave, 500 meters long, was on the northside of the mountain which is claimed as one of four famous grottoes in China. You can enjoy the wonder combining natural beauty and human relics together. Some travel guide in the Thousand Buddha Mountain. 
Location: 2.5 kilometers to the south of downtown Jinan City          Tickets: RMB30/Person          Opening hours: 6:30 -18:30

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Name:The Thousand Buddha Mountain Reply

Is the scenery on the thousand Buddha Mountain nice? worthy of visiting? appreciate any suggestions.

Name:Re:The Thousand Buddha Mountain

The thousand Buddha Mountain has existed 18 million years ago. You can have an overview of Jinan on the thousand Buddha Mountain. It will be a nice experience to visit the thousand Buddha Mountain.